Weekly Photo Challenge . Arranged

How could I pass up the opportunity to advertize my crocheted orples? These little guys are one-of-a-kind, hand made, pairs, I’m selling on Etsy.  It takes about 4 hours to make a pair of them, and they will be limited to no more than 50 sets.

Olivia and Oscar sitting in a basket of arranged oranges.

I made my grandchildren each a set for Christmas and they love them. Unlike most toys, these little critters can be run through the washer and dryer.  With no small parts, even babies can play with them. Sara is my hero for giving me a subject I can exploit … LOL. 🙂 You guys wish me luck in sales, please.

Check it out, guys! Kathy has posted my kite drawing, as well as some other fine illustrations by other author/illustrators! Thank you, Kathy. 🙂

Writing and Illustrating

Here are the Illustrations sent in for the Month of March. Did it come in like a lion and go out like a lamb where you live?

Vesper Stamper works as an illustrator in a wide range of subjects from children’s books to album covers. Her work is inspired by her parallel career as a singer and musician in the band Ben + Vesper, on the Sounds Familyre label. Her book with fellow musician Stephen Roach (Songs of Water), Satchel Willoughby and the Realm of Lost Things (2010), is a top five finalist in the NAESP Book of the Year contest. Her e-book with LuAnn Kern, The Night the Tooth Fairy Didn’t Come (MeeGenius), was published earlier this year under the direction of Eve Adler. She lives in New Jersey with her husband, filmmaker Ben Stamper, and her two kids, who are experts in taking a backyard full of dirt…

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Monsanto must be stopped.

Attention please!

Given the fact that we all live on this planet and without our natural resources, beginning with our food supply, we would ALL cease to survive. Ditto for all of the lovely flowers, and animals that we share with each other through photographs and chats on our blog pages. Thus I am using my blog to help spread this message. Monsanto must be exposed and they must be stopped. They are robbing us of our very environment. This is not just an American problem. It is a problem the World must face in order to maintain a planet for future generations. Think about it, and please help if you can. If nothing else, if we all boycotted Roundup, it would be a beginning. Mass efforts make big impacts.


Ride ‘um Orples

Olivia and Oscar have decided they want to learn to ride horses. Poor Oscar has lost his seating, it appears.  Olivia is trying to get the horse to slow down before Oscar does fall off.

Hang on there, Oscar! Don't fall off!

Of course if Riley (the dog) would go away, maybe the horse would slow down a little.  Let’s hope so, before Oscar hits the ground.  That would hurt, no doubt.

Abstract Cabin

Abstract Cabin . Playing with Corel

At some point in time, I was playing around with Corel and worked up this little ditty. I was trying to separate the colors for a potential fabricscape.  I don’t know that this quaint little cabin, with all of its surround greenery, will become anything more than it is.  No matter, it’s second function was an attempt to learn Corel.  Now, I can’t even remember how I did it.  This is not a feature I use often in the program.  I guess that’s why they have ‘help’ built in to most programs.   Some of us need it! LOL.  Anyway, this is a little different, and I do like to mix things up a bit to keep it interesting for those that drop by to say ‘hello’.  Enjoy.

Weekly Photo Challenge . combo . light. through

This photo should cover all of the bases as Olivia and Oscar play by the creek. They love the way the light shines through the trees above.

Olivia and Oscar playing by the water.

Weekly photo challenge . Through #2

Here is a little glimpse of the Dan River raging over the fall, as you look through the underside of the bridge.

It's just water under the bridge.

Sunday Photo Challenge . Light

I have always loved this photograph, not only because of the various textures, but because of the reflection of light rippling on the surface.

Reflections of light.