Sunday Photo Challenge . Light

I have always loved this photograph, not only because of the various textures, but because of the reflection of light rippling on the surface.

Reflections of light.

40 responses to “Sunday Photo Challenge . Light

    • Thank you Margie. For some reason, I love water shots. Wait a moment, and the picture changes. Mother Nature just loves to flirt with the camera, it seems. Thanks for dropping by. 🙂


    • Thank you, Gilly. This was a little ‘watering hole’ for Magi on those hot summer days. And of course, I was click happy. It seemed everything was a photograph, waiting to be taken. I did like the way this one came out. I’m glad you dropped by to check her out. 🙂


    • I am a sucker for anything outdoorsy. And the colors on a sunny day take my breath away. This particular photo always stuck out in my mind, so I felt it worthy of sharing. I’m glad you liked it. 😉


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    • LOL, I was sitting on top of Magi, looking down. This was a crossing in the path, so I had plenty of room behind me and it was only about 8″ deep at the deepest point on average. It was a watering spot. If it was a really hot day, I’d park Magi there for 10 minutes, or so, and let the him stand in the cool water. Magi was a spoiled critter. What can I say?


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    • I’m glad you appreciate it, Sonel. Until I started blogging, I thought I was the only one that took shots like this. I see I was wrong. As always, thanks for dropping by to check me out! 🙂


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