Another Richmond Mural … in pieces

Recently, I’ve done two posts involving Murals. The first one was involving ‘hands‘, and the second a warning about drug use. They were received relatively well, so I am adding another mural to the group, taken from the side of a little Latino Market/Restaurant in Richmond. Please Enjoy.

The overall view of the  Mural as displayed from a distance.

A close of the center of the mural

Left/Center Close Up

Right/Center Closeup

I wish I could share a little about the history of the location the Mural was drawn from, assuming it depicts an actual place, probably in Mexico.  If you know something about it, that I don’t, please tell us about it in the comment sections.  Otherwise, please simply enjoy the color and composition.

Another Richmond Mural

This mural was done in the Vincenty of the Mural I presented a week or two ago under the challenge heading of ‘hands‘. The message was worthy of passing along as was the art work, even though a bit primitive.

A close up view of a well advised message.

The big picture of how this wall ties in with the building on which it is painted.

These murals are located on the South side of Richmond, in an older, more run down part of town.  As with all cities, some areas are better than others.

Weekly Photo Challenge . Hands

This is one of Richmond’s Murals. I passed it on my way to Staunton. When I first saw it, instead of turning back and snapping a photo, knowing this week’s challenge, and knowing I was ignoring my inner voice, I kept going. Since Friday, I’ve been thinking of this Mural and the challenge on ‘hand’. Therefore, I made a special trip back to the mural and took the photo that has been haunting me all weekend. Please enjoy.

Close up view of two hands.

The full Mural covers the entire side of the building.

Two more hands.

P.S. When that little voice speaks, listen.