The Orples @ Have Moved To A New Site :

The Orples and I appreciate our dedicated followers but we fear you may be following the wrong blog. Since I re-vamped our site, our audience has dropped, and I’ve noticed a good number of ‘NEW’ fellow bloggers have chosen to follow us, but are linking to this blog instead of our new blog thread …  I seldom post on this site anymore, due to time.

This is a general introduction to the face of our 'New Blog'. Please follow us there, as a rule we post everyday.

This is a general introduction to the face of our ‘New Blog‘. showing what is where, to help familiarize you with our new format. Please join us on that thread.  Olivia, Oscar, and I look forward to seeing you there. 😉

We post once daily, and often use YOUR past blog posts, linked back to your original post. If you would like to participate and become a neighbor then by all means, please just link to our new  blog and follow us there. If you are following THIS blog, please be sure we are linked on my new address so you can stay up to date on our latest Orples Adventures. Be sure and click the image to enlarge if you can’t read it, as is, on either/both blog/s), Also please note that the ‘Home’ key takes you to the beginning of our blog, and you can continuous all of our content, in spite of the category a post was placed in.  To comment on any particular blog along the way, just click it’s title to open, say what you will, then hit the back key to resume your journey if you like.  The announcement posted above would be seen from ‘home’, but not if you are visiting the neighborhood, since it was not tagged in that category.

For those of you who already know all of this, forgive me for being redundant. However, I have run into problems, and have had questions for other people’s blogs unfamiliar to me, thus out of courtesy to those who don’t know, I have taken the time to explain.  I want people to come see us, and be comfortable with our environment when they/you arrive.

While we’re at it, this is a good opportunity to introduce ourselves to other bloggers and redirect them to our UPDATED SITE.  We would love to see you there! 🙂

If you’d like to join our Adventures … please, check out our neighbors listed on our page: Rules of the Game.


The Orples and I Wish You All A Very Merry Christmas.

To every living creature on this Earth, the Orples and I wish you peace, and love, and good health. On that note, Come let us Adore him.

The Orples are decorating their Treasure Tree.

The Orples are decorating their Treasure Tree.

To my followers and anyone new to Orples, we can now be found at  Our Adventures will continue as usual in our new playground.


Please, come join us, and link up on OUR NEW WEBSITE.  Christmas Blessings to all, Love, Marcy, Olivia, and Oscar.



Today’s Post . Dec 17, 2014

Tonight’s Post 12.17.14 —-

As was true last night, tonight’s post is on if you haven’t seen it already. Please note to open each individual post, click on that post’s title. To return to toggle mode to view all of my posts continually, use the orange (text) title key (Orples) in the top left of my blog page. That is my ‘home’ page key.



Be sure and follow the links to Ute’s blog where there are all kinds of cool ideas for last minute Christmas treats. If you have time, and don’t know Ute already, you should really check out her blog. The lady has some fantastic ideas and she is generous enough to share them with us all. You’ll love her posts. Go see. 🙂 LOL—I think Olivia, being the bossy little thing that she can be, is rubbing off on me.

I am still having problems with a few links, so if you want  to be following me, please be sure we are linked on your end, and I will do the same on this end. Again, I thank you all for you patience while I get these blog sites behaving correctly.


Tonight’s Post —–

Tonight’s post in on my new site — Please visit us there to pick up the links to visit Mr. Martin’s blog where you will find some wonderful advice on writing in general.


Today's post is on our sister site. Please visit us there for the full scoop. Thanks bunches.

Today’s post is on our sister site. Please visit us there for the full scoop. Thanks bunches.

I was happy to have stumbled onto his blog sometime ago and I hope you will be too. AD Martin is one of our neighbors.

The Orple Update Report

Many of you are aware that I have been trying to work my way through switching my WordPress Account over to be hosted by GoDaddy, complete with a new website address. I am making some changes on my website, including a facelift while I am making my other site adjustments. It is/has been a journey. In addition to the aesthetic changes, you will notice that I have posted some Amazon links on the side of my posts for your shopping convenience. Shopping through these links helps me survive at no cost to you … hint, hint…We all have to make a living, sad, but true.

I'm getting there! If you want to check out my upcoming NEW site please feel free to visit me over there (link given in text below).

I’m getting there! If you want to check out my upcoming NEW site please feel free to visit me over there (link given in text below).

I am still trying to reconnect with my old followers and many of you are already linked to me on my new site as opposed to here. Our ‘Orple Adventures‘ games will continue on my new blog with a page having been added to give our neighbors a direct link to their own web/blog sites—see ‘The Rules of the Game‘ (top right of page under the title block of my new blog). Don’t forget to like, like, like, away as you peruse the content of that site if you will please. Likes are loved (and appreciated) by Olivia, Oscar, and myself, have no doubt.

For now, while I am working out kinks on that site, I am continuing to post on this account (my original WordPress account).  I still need to figure out how to update my posts since December 5th, to show up on that sight. When the dates catch up in both places, you will know I was successful. In the meantime, today  is a good day to officially launch  

Today should prove to be a memorable date to introduce the sister site since it is 12/13/14 … It will be the next century before we see the sequences begin again with 1/2/3 in 2103.

The Orples Go To Church

Okay, I lied, I admit it. Church is an understatement when you compare your little neighborhood gathering place to the breathtaking architecture to be found in this cathedral. Okay, so I lied again, since the orples are looking at a model of the cathedral, not the cathedral itself. If you want to see photos of the real deal then you’ll have to check out Amy, who thinks The World is a Book, and admire some of the spectacular photographs she has shared on her blog.  This photo was pulled from part 2 of her theme. Be sure to check out part 1 as well, while you are visiting Amy.

The Orples checking out a model of the Sagrada Familia.

The Orples checking out a model of the Sagrada Familia.

As for those of you who are unfamiliar with the orples, Oscar and Olivia, and where they’ve been over the past month or two, you may want to visit the neighbors. Who knows? Maybe you might like to join in on the fun yourselves? Just peruse past articles, and you’ll soon find out what we are up to in Orpleland. 🙂

The Orples Miss Sonel

The orples wanted to visit Sophia since it has been awhile since we have seen her.  It appears she is on break. Bummer. Even Sonel’s little monkeys miss her while she is away. We’ll visit them, keeping  them company, until Sophia returns to her little corner of the world and picks up where she left off.

Olivia and Oscar visiting Sonel's monkeys in Africa.

Olivia and Oscar visiting Sonel’s monkeys in Africa.

While the Orples are in Africa, the rest of us can peruse the neighborhood and check out their other activities of the recent past. 🙂

The Orples on Ice

Today we are strolling though Justin’s blog. He was evidently hanging around in some ice caves somewhere along the line. The orples had so much fun in the snow the other day, they decided to check out the ice-cycles clinging to the caves. It seems they favor the cold temperatures, but are having a little trouble standing on their twigs.

The Orples are finding out ice and snow are two different things.

The Orples are finding out ice and snow are two different things.

While the Orples are trying to regain their footing, please feel free to cruise the neighborhood to see where else they have been. The way this ‘game’ is supposed to work is that I take a screenshot from your blog, if you let me know you want to participate. Then, I create a skit including the orples. I link back to your blog giving you credit for your work. Of course, because Olivia would really love to  be famous, we love it when you reblog or pingback the post, so your followers are introduced to the orples, just as my followers are given the opportunity to meet you, if they haven’t already. Win, win, for everybody involved. 🙂 Please let me know if you would like for me to add your name to my list. 🙂

The Orples First Snow

Jackie, whose blog is knitting with heart, invited us to come play with her. The orples saw snow for the first time, and just had to stop and play in it. Actually, I think Oscar is loving it. Olivia is too busy protecting her bow to really have fun. Too bad for Olivia. Sometimes you just gotta say to hell with vanity and let the snowballs fly.

Olivia needs to learn to lighten up and have fun.

Olivia needs to learn to lighten up and have fun.

I think we should go visit the neighborhood while Olivia and Oscar play in the white stuff. Maybe Jackie will save Olivia from Oscar. I just hope he doesn’t start picking on her, too. 🙂

The Orples Take A Bath

Kids will be kids, and orples will be helpful. Evidently Robin has a reason to reflect on her soul, with this smart little fellow scampering about the house. Who’d have thought to wash their clothes while bathing?

Splish, Splash, we're taking a bath.

Splish, Splash, we’re taking a bath.

And of course, Olivia and Oscar would be devastated if the child slipped, so they are going to help him out of the tub. Honestly, I think Oscar was looking for an excuse to get into that bubble bath, but maybe he’s just thoughtful. I’m sure we’ll never really know. No matter, while those guys dry off, lets you and I go visit the neighborhood.