The Bill of Rights (Transcript)

We need to stand together and demand our Representatives up-hold their oaths of office. In the direction we are headed in, we may not have a chance to take action later. We have already lost a good amount of our 4th Amendment rights. We still have a chance to re-claim what is ours if we unite our efforts. If you are not sure what we stand to lose, please read on …..

The Bill of Rights (Transcript).

Thank You. Please pass along.

Maymont Park . The Japanese Gardens . Part 1

I introduced you to Maymont Park in Richmond, Virginia a couple of weeks ago. My first post on the subject was kind of a general overview. Then, I did a post about the Maymont Bears. Because Maymont is so large and due to the fact that I have so many photos, I thought It might be better to share some of those shots in short blogs offering multiple postings spread out a bit to keep things interesting. This is part 1 (as the title suggests) of one portion of the park… The Japanese Gardens. Mrs. Dooley was a horticulturist and worked with well known architects of the time to achieve her goals. Many of the trees in the park today have been standing for over 100 years. Many were planted under the direction of Mrs. Dooley herself. Of course, now, those trees are huge and no doubt could tell some wonderful stories of the park, if they could talk.

Entry gate leading into the Japanese Gardens.

It only seems appropriate to enter the garden via the formal gate.

A typical path in the garden

Take a little path (not really this one,but it is close) and look to your left. There you will see the waterfalls. High on the hill above is a flat layer of rocks from which a natural spring pours water over the edge of the cliff, thus forming the falls. It is a favorite resting spot for us when we visit. It is also a great backdrop for family portraits.

The water fall in the Japanese Garden

And of course a Japanese Garden is not complete without an arched bridge to add character. So wallah, one arched bridge coming right up. If you look up, you can see the stone wall surrounding the Italian Garden high on the hill above. That will be the subject of another post on another day.

The arched bridge. One way to cross the water.

If you would rather cross the water, using the stepping stones then by all means, come along with me, or rather Jacob.

Crossing the water via stepping stones.

These few photos should give you a good feel for the Japanese Gardens. They are merely the appetizer. They is more to come.Check out part 2 by clicking here.

ABC Award

Carol… Adjustingyourfocus, was kind enough to elect me for this award. I feel bad that this is the first opportunity I’ve had to respond and to accept the honor she has bestowed upon me. But things unfold in their own time, as is true with this post. Thank you Carol for thinking of me. I will try to make you proud! πŸ˜‰

Here is my list of ABC’s about me. They are written in good humor and are sometimes, but not always true, little tidbids about me. πŸ™‚ Enjoy.

ABC list

I am some of these things, some of the time. Moods vary, so I may slip from time to time. But for the most part, I try to be a good person and live by the Golden Rule (the do onto other’s version).

A … author
B … busy
C … creative
D … daughter
E … efficient
F … frugal
G … grandmother
H … habitual
I … intelligent
J … just
K … kind
L … liar (see voluptuous)
M … mother
N … nocturnal
O … original
P … patient
Q … quiet
R … resourceful
S … sister
T … tough
U … understanding
V … voluptuous (see liar)
W… wonderful (at least to my grandchildren (usually)
X … X-wife
Y … yarn lover
Z … Zimp (as in; Mr. Zimp’s creator)

Vina Kent



Cee Neuner

If your name is not on this list, please do not take it personally. I really enjoy blogging with you all.

Can someone please tell me how to actually collect my reward? Okay, I admit it, I am one of those morons that doesn’t know how to use my own computer, but I’m learning. πŸ™‚ HELP!

Sunday Photo Challenge. Landscape #3

I know, yesterday was Sunday, but I wanted to continue the theme, so here’s another landscape to add to the old portfolio of shots. Please enjoy.

Cabin on the hill . Henry County, Virginia

Below is the same cabin, but a different view

Cabin on the Hill . zoomed in view.

Obviously, I like that humble little cabin, and the colors surrounding it. There is something about the simplicity of the country that begs to be captured in film.

Sunday Photo Challenge . Landscape #2

To keep things a little mixed up and interesting, I decided to toss in a landscape drawing from my upcoming book “The Orples Make A Tree Home“. Now that Oscar and Olivia are free to roam about the countryside, they are discovering all kinds of new things about the world they live in. In this scene they are in search of food.

Looking for food in the meadow

Earlier today, I sent the PDF files to the publisher for layout approval. I hope to get the prototype back sometime next week so I can thumb through the book and review the potential product prior to its final printing. If necessary, I’ll make any changes that require my attention. If all goes as planned, book 2 of my orples series should be available to the public for sale in the next couple of weeks (depending on what the prototype looks like).

I tried to set the story up so that you don’t have to read the first book to enjoy book two. Through reminiscing, Olivia informs the audience that she was once an orange dreaming of being free. Now of course, her dream has come true and her world has changed. These books are meant to encourage children to think outside of the box and to use their imaginations. I also try to maintain polite conversations among the characters to reinforce the importance of manners. As in true in book one, there are subtle little lessons in friendship lingering between the lines. The above page is a prototype page, so is subject to change. I’ve already deleted the page number and bordered it to fit the publishers guidelines. There may be other changes as well in the final book.

If you haven’t been following my blog and/or want to learn more about orples, by all means, please check out “Orples Overview“. If you start at the beginning and work your way forward, it will make more sense. Comments are welcomed.

Sunday Photo Challenge. Landscapes

I had to share a few of my favorite farm shots from my days on the farm in Halifax county. Actually Magi lived on the farm and I lived in town. Neither of us could have found a better place to for him to live. The trails were spectacular. Any horseman’s dream come true.

lush cool colors . a delightful path

I always loved riding this path. As you left the field and entered the woods there was a creek bed on the right hand side. The path was narrow, but the ground well worn. It was a favorite cantor spot, although we enjoyed many slow walks as well, allowing us to take in the marvelous scenery.

Down by the pond

Sometimes, we would stop off at the pond, to wade, or grab a drink of water before heading home

Riding the fence line

Some days when I wasn’t quite ready to head home yet, I’d take an extra little spin around the fences just to add a little more time to my ride.

View of some of the pastures

Sitting on Magi in the ring, I couldn’t resist a shot of the pastures. This was horse heaven for a few lucky critters.

Weekly Photo Challenge . Indulge

Ice cream anyone? “Wow, Gram, this is yummmieee! Ummm, Chocolate Chip mint! My favorite!” I just wished I’d known we were going to take pictures, I’d have put on some make-up and dressed a little nicer. Oh well, why hide the truth? Casual is my favorite way to dress, especially at home. Opal (Jacob’s Mom) came by to pick him up and we snapped off this shot. Being her first child, Opal was hesitant to feed the baby little treats. But not me, I was always giving him little tastes of ‘something new’. Obviously, the ice cream was a pleasant surprise for him.

Jacob's first taste of ice cream.

And as you can see, not much as changed. You know what they say… “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream”. πŸ˜‰

Getting ice cream at Maymont Park

There’s nothing like indulging in ice cream on a hot summer day at Maymont Park. So we did!

Sand Sculpture

Along around 1998, a friend of mine went to the beach, and came home sporting some photographs of an incredible sand sculpture he’d seen while he was on vacation. I finally talked Roger out of one of his many pictures, and have had it framed ever since.

Horse in the sand.

I used to have people come into my office, asking me why I had a photo of a dead horse on the wall. Then, upon a closer look, they became aware of the awesome talent some artist had wasted using such a temporary media to work with. I also thought it was ashamed that this horse could not have been cast into something more permanent. Then again, I guess just laying around in the sun does get rather boring. It is a good thing Roger took these pictures so this horse could live on via the magic of photography.

Magi & Mister Ed

Okay folks sing along . . . “A horse is a horse, of course, of course, unless of course it’s a talking horse…”. Okay Magi couldn’t talk, but for those of you old enough to remember Mister Ed, that was not the case. Below is a photo of my guy, Magi. We spent 19 years together riding the trails and being buds. Now, sometimes to reclaim that feeling of closeness, I find myself watching old reruns of “Mister Ed”.

Magi in 2007, 23 years old +/-

Mister Ed was a palomino, whereas Magi is a Red Dunn, but still they resemble each other enough to remind me of one another. And so of course, Mister Ed also holds a place in my heart… a reminder of my early childhood days.

You can check out the program if you are unfamiliar with Mister Ed, or if you know exactly who he was, and would like to stroll down the road of nostalgia. The show ran from 1961 to 1966. It was typical of the comedies of the day, just a fun family show, everyone could watch together. Unlike today, we were not shielded from television due to explicit sex scenes,foul language, or violence. Mister Ed was typical of the comedies of the day. Very creative and entertaining, and now a classic. Mister Ed’s real name was Bamboo Harvester. He died in 1970 due to health complications. So sad. Of all of the original cast members, only Wilber (Alan Young) is still alive. He is now 92 years old.