[New Post} Photography 101 . Water

The Daily post is moving faster than I am, obviously. I am trying to keep up. Oh well, Olivia and Oscar love this adventure, so everything is peachy keen! 🙂 Come on and go swimming with us.

Olivia & Water swimming in the Dan River in Danville, Virginia

Olivia & Oscar  swimming in the Dan river in Danville, Virginia

A city block at ground level . Richmond, Virginia.

Yesterday, I went to Richmond to pop off a few shots to share with those who have never visited our State’s capitol city. I chose to focus on the basic street views for yesterday’s post to give you an overall feel of the surroundings.  Today’s post will cover the ground at our feet as we wall along the street. Enjoy your stroll, please.

The wrought iron railing adds charm to the brick and keeps dogs off of the lawn.

Petunias add a spark of color to the surrounding foliage.

Brick planters edge the sidewalk, defining the flowerbeds in some cases. A step up landing eases the entry into the lovely old homes, lining the street.

The fencing in the back ground of this open lawn compliment the brick and tile work leading into the adjoining home. It also conceals backyard actives, allowing a little privacy from the street.

Different brick adds accent to yet another sidewalk flowerbed,complimenting the home beyond.

Passing the local Temple, the stairs going down to the basement caught my eye. So, snap,snap.

This lovely little example of landscape architecture beckoned from across the street.

… so I crossed the street and caught a different angle.

Rounding the corner, the contrast in brickwork demanded my attention, so what could I do, but comply with its demand?

Brick stairs, with wide ledges, invite guests into this old home. An attached arch marks the alley entrance for those who choose to bypass the house.

Some of the alleys between the homes aren’t wide enough to allow reasonable access. Here is one solution to that problem, when the alley is of little use.

A courtyard to the side of this lovely old home boasts some simple landscaping for passersby.

Here a nice little patio serves as the front yard. No doubt a nice place for friends to gather informally on a beautiful day.

Blue Hydrangeas are the focal point of entry for this handsome home.

Walking down the street, a little further, the occupant’s of this home decided natural brick was not for them, so they added a splash of color to their sturdy home. The porch railings set this home apart from its neighbors as well.

The owners of this home decided to use a living ornament to welcome guests into their home. This friendly fellow curiously watched me as I snapped his portrait.

These steps didn’t leave much room for landscaping with plants, but a pot here and there compensated for the lack of yard.

Heading back to the car, I passed the Temple again. Looking down, this is an alternate, but interesting view. A wee bit different from the shot I presented earlier.

As I headed up the sidewalk, basement windows edged the sidewalk.

Tucked back, from the corner extrusion, stairs leading into a side wing of the Temple presented themselves. These stairs look like they are meant to carry heavy traffic for years to come.

And finally, on the way back to the car, here are those colorful little Petunias again, as shown from a different point of view. The edgings along the sidewalk tie the residences to each other beautifully. Because of our abundant clay soil, brick is a popular building material in our most of our Virginia cities.

Weekly photo challenge . Today

This gallery contains 14 photos.

Street Scenes in Richmond, Virginia  …  June 2, 2012 Today went by so quickly. It was so beautiful after last night’s storms, I went to Richmond with the intent of hunting down a few murals to share, which I did. Not many though, and I’ll post those shots another time. For now, I thought I’d […]

Another Richmond Mural

This mural was done in the Vincenty of the Mural I presented a week or two ago under the challenge heading of ‘hands‘. The message was worthy of passing along as was the art work, even though a bit primitive.

A close up view of a well advised message.

The big picture of how this wall ties in with the building on which it is painted.

These murals are located on the South side of Richmond, in an older, more run down part of town.  As with all cities, some areas are better than others.

Revisiting Staunton, Virginia . Part 2

These are a few more photos of my trip to Staunton last weekend. Some of these give a better view of the lay of the land.

A close up view of the preceding photo

I think these buildings are a little newer than some of the surrounding buildings. If I remember correctly, they were added in the 1960’s and may have replaced older structures. I really don’t know. I added them because the gardens are so pretty.

Sadly, the power lines overhead take away from the charm of the brick in this/these fabulous old structure(s).

This photo gives a good feel for the incline of the street.

Another good view of the terrain.

Rear corner of the old Mill building.

Weekly Photo Challenge . Hands

This is one of Richmond’s Murals. I passed it on my way to Staunton. When I first saw it, instead of turning back and snapping a photo, knowing this week’s challenge, and knowing I was ignoring my inner voice, I kept going. Since Friday, I’ve been thinking of this Mural and the challenge on ‘hand’. Therefore, I made a special trip back to the mural and took the photo that has been haunting me all weekend. Please enjoy.

Close up view of two hands.

The full Mural covers the entire side of the building.

Two more hands.

P.S. When that little voice speaks, listen.

The Shenandoah Valley . Views from Afton Mountain

The Beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia surround the valley below

Another view of the valley below.

Another beautiful view taken from the overlook on Interstate 64.

Mountains in the background of our lush spring foliage.

Weekly Photo Challenge. Reflections

There was an alternative challenge this past week, which I am just now getting to.  Even though there are a gazillion photos of buildings reflecting back in the water, all of them are different. Thus, I offer yet another building admiring its own reflection, as it shares its double vision with the world. This photo was taken in Danville, Virginia.

Looking across the Dan River.

Weekly photo challenge . Unfocused # 5

This topic will soon be expired, so I’m going for the gusto while I can … have you ever wondered what happens when you drop the camera and snap a shot at the same time? Well, here you have it. I thought this was a pretty cool photo, even though it was unintentional. So I kept it. I knew one day it would come in handy. Today is that day! Enjoy.

Butterfingers at work.