The Orples First Snow

Jackie, whose blog is knitting with heart, invited us to come play with her. The orples saw snow for the first time, and just had to stop and play in it. Actually, I think Oscar is loving it. Olivia is too busy protecting her bow to really have fun. Too bad for Olivia. Sometimes you just gotta say to hell with vanity and let the snowballs fly.

Olivia needs to learn to lighten up and have fun.

Olivia needs to learn to lighten up and have fun.

I think we should go visit the neighborhood while Olivia and Oscar play in the white stuff. Maybe Jackie will save Olivia from Oscar. I just hope he doesn’t start picking on her, too. 🙂

The Orples Take A Bath

Kids will be kids, and orples will be helpful. Evidently Robin has a reason to reflect on her soul, with this smart little fellow scampering about the house. Who’d have thought to wash their clothes while bathing?

Splish, Splash, we're taking a bath.

Splish, Splash, we’re taking a bath.

And of course, Olivia and Oscar would be devastated if the child slipped, so they are going to help him out of the tub. Honestly, I think Oscar was looking for an excuse to get into that bubble bath, but maybe he’s just thoughtful. I’m sure we’ll never really know. No matter, while those guys dry off, lets you and I go visit the neighborhood.


Early next week, Monday (?)—I hope, I will be switching my current wordpress blog address to a private address: I am hoping, with my son’s help, I will be able to transfer all of my blog contents without any problems. I am not sure how my existing links are going to be effected, and/or if I will be able to transfer them. Since I’ve purchased my new domain name, I’ve been looking into the necessary steps to try to maintain my established links, coming, and going. Please keep your fingers crossed that I don’t end up losing the relationships that I’ve built to date. Should that be the case, please try to re-link to me, as I will you.

The Orples and I are getting ready to make some changes. :)

The Orples and I are getting ready to make some changes. 🙂

Sadly, I’m not sure how any of this is going to work, so I am hoping you guys will bear with me while Olivia, Oscar, and I are in transition. ‘The ‘Orple Adventures‘, aka, ‘Visiting the Neighbors’, have blossomed into a fun way to communicate with my friends, here, on wordpress, and I think ‘our games’ will be the focus of this blog, from here(*), on out. I will leave my archive posts as is, although I may re-categorize the existing content to try to alleviate redundancy wherever possible. While some of my categories have little to do with orples for the most part, they really don’t interfere with the orples, and I think those posts add a little more variety for those visitors who might like to check out Maymont Park, or perhaps some of my other ‘earlier’ topics, posted before I finally found direction with this blog.

Please accept my apologies now for any unforeseen problems. You know what they say, “Expect the worse, and hope for the best.”—thus the reason I am making this announcement ahead of time—just in case. I treasure my followers and the relationships we’ve built up since I first began THIS blog. I hope you do, too, and will stick with me if we are temporarily parted.

(*) here, being once I have completed setting up and have it running. I will make an announcement once I’ve made the change. In the meantime, I should be making one post a day, so if you don’t continue to see posts after Monday, you’ll know why. Please type in my address if you cease to get my ‘post notifications’ and we can re-link if need be.

Thank you for your understanding and patience. 😉 The orples and I have are just beginning, so PLEASE STAY POSTED!

Hugs to all, Marcy, Olivia and Oscar

The Orples Visit Mexico

The orples are thrilled to tag along in Mexico with Cedric. If you haven’t visited Cedric’s blog, Implicado, you are in for a treat. Cedric has got some fun pictures, wonderful landscapes, and otherwise interesting posts to wander through.  Oscar saw the train in his archives, so now we’re off to take a ride in Mexico.

All Aboard! Come on and let's take a ride in Mexico with Cedric.

All Aboard! Come on. Let’s take a ride in Mexico with Cedric.

While those guys are goofing around, waiting for Cedric to show up, please feel free to visit  the neighborhood and check out some of our other friends who have been hosting the orple’s adventures. We link back to you, and appreciate your ping-backs, and/or re-blogs as well.

Happy Thanksgiving

How could Olivia, Oscar, and I not contribute a special post for our followers and new friends, whether you reside in the United States or not? I am sure that when we stop to give thanks, wherever we live, there is something we have to be grateful for.  With that thought in mind, I would also like to give thanks to wallpaperswala for the use of their background drawing.

With love from Virginia, USA

With love from Virginia, USA

Blessings to you and yours. Stay safe. Stay warm, wherever you are—Marcy, Olivia and Oscar

The Orples Visit Leed’s Waterfront

Today, the orples find themselves ready to cruise the waterways with RestlessJo.  I do hope she didn’t think she was going to get away with visiting the waterfront with out them.  If you’ve not been there yet, then you really must check out the spectacular group of photographs Jo snapped off.

Olivia and Oscar hanging out with Jo on the waterfront.

Olivia and Oscar hanging out with Jo on the waterfront.

While Jo and the orples are out boating, come take a stroll to visit the neighbors, and if you’d like to share ‘your’ posts, pray tell. I’ll add your name to our list and give you a link back to your blog with  credit for the shot. I also appreciate re-blogs and ping-backs, since Olivia is such a little glutton for attention.  Now that she’s free from her tree, she wants the world to know it. Imagine that! 😉

The Orples Visit Rome

 Meg Travels and she was kind enough to let the orples tag along with her today. That tiled wall with its lovely hues, and intricate craftsmanship has captured Olivia and Oscar’s attention. It might take them a minute or two to examine the workmanship incorporated to create the illusion of depth.

The Orples admiring the workmanship of ancient tiles.

The Orples admiring the workmanship of some of the intricate tile work at St. Peter’s Basilica.

While they check out this beautiful wall, feel free to stroll through the neighborhood to see what else these two little world travelers have been up to.

The Orples and the Scorpion

In blog cruising, as the orples and I often do, we came across this soon to be ‘new momma’ on Dolly’s blog. If you’ve never seen it happen, here’s your chance to see how scorpions hatch their babies. BOYS not allowed to look.

To see how a scorpion gives birth go see Dolly. (Link above).

To see how a scorpion gives birth go see Dolly. (Link above).

While Olivia and Mrs. Scorpion are hatching babies, the rest of us can stroll on ahead and visit the neighborhood to meet new friends. Come walk with us, and leave me a comment if you, too, would like to become a part of the neighborhood. I’ll add your name to my list.

[New Post] Grateful and Guilty

Leave it to Ruth at Ruth Hentrick’s Photography, to leave the orples confused, feeling both grateful and guilty, rather cannibalistic, if you will.  We will need to write her a ‘thank you note’ for her generosity in sharing her snack with Olivia and Oscar.  They aren’t quite sure whether eating that apple is appropriate, or not. I guess so. When you start out as a fruit, I would say eating other varieties would be debatable.

The orples snacking at Ruth's place. They are debating the idea of eating an apple.

The orples snacking at Ruth’s place. They are debating the idea of eating an apple.

While these two are busy thanking Ruth, we can visit the neighbors and see what they’re up to. Drop me a line if you’d like to join in the fun and participate in our Orple Adventures.

{New Post] The Orples Get Stuck

The orples stopped by to say hello to Ute in her blog Ute Smile. Ute has such a ‘happy’ blog, and if you’ve not been there you might to stop by and say hello.  Pay no attention to her lazy cat, unless you think you can help Oscar find reprieve. I am hoping Olivia will  have already gotten Oscar out of his jam by the time the rest of us get there.

It appears Ute's smart cat is only pretending to be asleep, hoping for a belly scratch.

It appears Ute’s smart cat is only pretending to be asleep, hoping for a belly scratch.

While Olivia tries to wake the kitty up, lets head on out and see what the rest of our neighbors are up to as we visit the neighborhood. 🙂