Weekly Photo Challenge . Arranged

How could I pass up the opportunity to advertize my crocheted orples? These little guys are one-of-a-kind, hand made, pairs, I’m selling on Etsy.  It takes about 4 hours to make a pair of them, and they will be limited to no more than 50 sets.

Olivia and Oscar sitting in a basket of arranged oranges.

I made my grandchildren each a set for Christmas and they love them. Unlike most toys, these little critters can be run through the washer and dryer.  With no small parts, even babies can play with them. Sara is my hero for giving me a subject I can exploit … LOL. 🙂 You guys wish me luck in sales, please.


50 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge . Arranged

    • Thank you. I was trying to give a size comparison. And of course, orples began as oranges … so I thought it an appropriate setting to place them in a basket of oranges. I appreciate the kudos and your visit.


    • I hope. I hope I don’t have them overpriced. But they are one of a kind, and monotonous to make, so we’ll see how it goes. There won’t be many sets, so if my orples books take off, they may one day be valuable. Thank you for stopping by and checking them out. 🙂


    • Thank you.The basket arrangement is really to give a potential client an idea of the orples actual size. These little guys are like balls with legs. Around here, when the grandchildren get tired of playing ‘orples’ ,they launch them by their legs and toss them back and forth. Thanks for checking them out.


    • Thank you Ledia. I made a set of these to display at a book sale, and the kids seem to like them. I just wish they didn’t take so long to make. Thanks for stopping by.


    • Thank you, Gerry. I hope once I get my next book out, that I can display the three books together, along with the crocheted orples (to draw attention as a group) in a couple small bookstores locally. I’m sure it will take time to become noticed among my competition … there is so much of it! Thank you for the wishes of luck. I appreciate the encouragement. 🙂 Thanks for your visit too.


    • Thank you Natalie. I was more concerned with size comparison, than color, but the orange yarn I used, does somewhat mimic the ‘oranges’ themselves … kinda, sorta. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by and taking a peek.


  1. Absolutely adorable Marcy! They are gorgeous!!! Wow! Great entry for the week hon. I am sure you’re going to sell them by the hundreds. 🙂


    • Thank you for your vote of confidence, Sonel. Due to the time it takes to make these, I’ll limit them to 50 authenticated sets. If my books take off, these may be very valuable one day. If not, the kids should love them as safe, easy to care for toys. My own grandchildren love them. Thank you as always for your encouragement and for stopping by to check me out. Hugs are sent your way. 🙂


    • Thank you Ann. I think they keep me somewhat sane … for what that’s worth. Actually, that is a scary thought, isn’t it? LOL. Thanks for stopping by to check them out.


    • Thank you Judee. Yes, I’m offering them on Etsy with my first book. I may have them overpriced at $65.00 for the set, but the little guys take me about 4 hours to make and I have to pay for my book, so I figure I need to leave a little room for profit and my time. I am hoping one day my book will be popular and that these little guys will become collectors items. I am not going to make more than 50 pair, so they will be rare. Thank you for your encouragement. 🙂


    • Pattie, I can not tell you how much I appreciate your vote of confidence. Thank you and thanks for stopping by to check me out. 🙂 Have a great day! Marcy


    • Greetings Isadora,
      I only have two items on Etsy right now, but I’ll be happy to add you if you clue me in as to how to do it. I am new to using Etsy. As time goes on, I will probably add more products of various kinds. At the moment, I’m trying to get my book(s) published so I have something to promote, then will circle back on some other stuff.

      http://www.etsy.com/shop/orples should get you to my site. You can also click my avatar and link to Etsy from there, or follow the link in this blog post. I would love to piggyback on your site as well. Thank you for the offer. I am looking into setting up on Pinterest also, so if you want to add any information to that page, let me know once I get it set up. I’m feeling around in the dark right now. ;( But, I’ll figure it out! 🙂


    • Thank you, Susan. I’m glad you liked these. Believe me, I’ll only be making so many sets of these orples. While fun to make, they do take time. I’m glad you stopped by to check them out. 🙂


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