I am re-blogging this from doudoubirds sight upon request. We should all be made award of what Governor Branstad is doing on behalf of the large Corporations to hide the abuse they inflict on animals. Please pass along and hopefully enough people Nationwide will contact Gov. Branstad and make him rethink this inhumane law, if by public outcry, if for no other reason.

Olivia & Oscar meet Monster

Chicky Monster is my old, faithful, no good for nothing, kitty, critter that serves as my side kick. As a rule Monster likes to sit on my lap when I am trying to work. He puts his paws on the edge of my desk. He snoozes, while I try to work around him … until I get frustrated and give him the boot.

Olivia and Oscar conversing with Monster

Monster also likes to hang out in high places, and look down on the world when he is not hanging out inside. Monster is really a big chicken. Thus his name, Chicky Monster. He has been my pal for about 10 years now. I adopted him when my son was in the Navy and his ship sailed right after 911. Somehow, I’ve ended up with this goofy creature all of these years. Hmmm, what would I do without him? As you can see, he is buds with the orples too.