King of King Award

I owe Francine in Retirement an apology for not having posted this award sooner, and  a big thank you for thinking of me in the first place.  There are several bloggers,  still left to thank, and various awards waiting to be acknowledged, but time is not cooperating, so the delay continues.  In the meantime, I hope Francine will forgive me,  in this instance, for my tardiness in presenting this blessing to others.  Today seemed like a good time to pass the blessing along, so here we go.

Thank you so much Francine for these blessings.

In Francine’s words, and perhaps others before her …

Here is their word on the King of Kings Friendship Award.

We would like to offer you our Brother or Sister in The Lord… The King of Kings Friendship Award…some call it a Blessing instead of an Award, you can accept it as you feel in your heart to, or not.

And if you feel you would like to pass it on to encourage others in the Body of Christ and in the Family of God..there are no rules or set requirements, you are under no obligation in any way, it’s just our way of offering thankfulness for the blessing you are by willingly choosing from the heart to walk fully in the beauty of the person God is conforming you to be by the empowering of The Holy Spirit, which is the image of His Awesome Son…

Jesus Christ whose Name is above all Names.

What Is a Friend?

“One who multiplies joys, divides grief, and whose honesty is inviolable.”

“One who understands our silence.”

“A volume of sympathy bound in cloth.”

“A watch which beats true for all time and never runs down.”

“A friend is the one who comes in when the whole world has gone out.”

What a friend we have in Jesus!

“A true friend is always loyal, and a brother is born to help in the time of need.”  — Solomon (Proverbs 17:17)

 I believe I have met so many new friends in the blogging community and I cherish each one of you for the individuals you are and the special gift each has contributed to all of us in your unique way.

Passing Blessing On To:

Being Arindam . Arindam

digitalcatharsis .  Nelson RN

Have A Dream . Micheal

Inside the mind of Isadora . Isadora

Quotidian Hudson . Robert

in tuit . Judee

Fruitful Words . Susan2009

niasunset . Nia

Of course, if your name is not on the list I’m sending this blessing to, do not despair.  I wish each and everyone of one of you a very Happy Easter, and a very blessed future.

7 x 7 Link Award

Once again, I’ve been present with an award. This time by three of my fellow bloggers. To all three, I say thank you, and offer my apologies for not having posted it sooner. The three bloggers that I owe my deepest gratitude to are ….

Gerry @ Cobbie69
Carol @ ajustingyourfocus
and last, but not least
Dolly @ allaboutlemon

Thank you Dolly, Gerry, and Carol.

To Accept a 7 x 7 Award, the recipient must provide links to their own posts within the following seven categories.

1.) Most Helpful

… Protect Your Soft Cover Books …   posted December 3, 2011
2.) Most Popular

… Weekly Photo Challenge . Contrast… posted March 9, 2012

3.) Most Beautiful Piece

… Introduction to Maymont Park …  posted February 17, 2012

4.) Most Controversial

… One World …  posted March 2, 2012

5.) Most Surprisingly Successful

… Sunday Photo Challenge. Pleasure … posted March 4, 2012
6.) Most Underrated

 Insight into How Orples Came To Be … part 1  …  orignially posted on January 30,2011 and updated to reflect links and current information March 21,2012.
7.) Most Pride Worthy

… Getting Noticed …  posted on December 6, 2011 …  Please keep in mind I was just beginning to blog at this point, so I didn’t have a clue as to what I was doing, there are times, I am still feeling my way along.  However, practice makes perfect … slowly, but surely, I’m getting there!

In addition, the award should pass to 7 nominees (per award, I’m sure). I realize I am cheating here in naming only 7 nominees since, I should be posting 21. After all, 3 people nominated me, but it is a time thing. If you would like a 7 x 7 award and your name is not on this list, then please copy my links, with my blessings, and pass the good fortune along.

My SEVEN Nominees are:

1.) The perfectly imperfect one @ I am Perfectly Imperfect

2.) 7th Heaven @ Manipal’s Photo Blog

3.) Alan Sexton @ Green Mountain Scribes

4.) Jackie Paulson @  postadaychallenge2011

5.) Arkenaten @  Arkenaten’s Blog

6.) Andrea @ Only Dreaming

7.) Andrew @ Influencevscontrol

Top Recent Commenter Award

Kellie See was so kind as to elect me for this award. This is the first the first opportunity I’ve had to post it, but with no less gratitude to Kellie, despite my time delay. Thank you, Kellie!

A big "Thank You" to Kellie See! for this award.

The rules of this award are as follows:

  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Nominate  6 bloggers who comment on your blog the most frequently and notify them of the award.You can find your Top Recent Commenters on your site stats page on the bottom, right corner.
  • Nominate one more person…the 7th. This person can either be a brand new commenter on your blog, the very last comment you have received, or the one who has posted your most favorite comments Tell us why you have chosen them as your seventh.
  • And answer the following questions:
  1. Tell us about one of your most cherished childhood memories.
  2. Tell us about one of your most cherished memories with your child(ren). If you do not have children, then share one of your pet(s). If you do not have pets either, then one with niece(s), nephew(s), or any combination thereof.
  3. Tell us one thing you have learned from one or both of your parents that has stuck with you throughout the years.
  4. Tell us one thing that you have taught (or intend to teach) your child(ren) that hopeful will stick with them throughout their lifetime
  5. Tell us about your favorite job, whether it is one you hold now or one from the past, and why you enjoy(ed) it.
  6. Tell us what you are doing in pursuit of achieving an attainable goal.
  7. Tell us about one person who had the best influence on you in your life (teacher, neighbor, friend, etc.)..

My answers are as follows:

1.) My parents bought be my first pony when I was 8.  My sister and I would go ride our ponies, run inside take a break, watch an old Western show on T.V., then go grab our ponies and play cowboys and indians with homemade bows and arrows, riding our fine steeds.

2.) Our rendezvous to Maymont Park are among the finest of memories I shared with my children.   Pick an outing, any outing.  They were all wonderful.

3.) My parents taught us not to waste anything, to recycle and reuse plastic, jars, tin foil, whatever.  We were also taught to compost.  These habits have carried over, and I still practice them all today.

4.) To think for themselves.

5.) I am enjoying writing and illustrating my orples books.  I don’t really consider it a job, but I do hope my books will pan out to carry me through retirement.  So in that light, my efforts are to make money.  There’s no reason not to enjoy the journey though, and hopefully that joy will show in my work.

6.) Learning as much as I can about internet marketing.  In addition, I’m trying to learn HTML and CSS in an effort to put together e-books and such on my own.

7.) When I was in college,earning my Associates Degree in Architecture, my children were small.  I was a single parent.  Going to school, working, and raising children was tough.  I did have youth on my side, but there were many times I thought I wouldn’t make, and had it not been for Dave as my role model, I very well may never have finished earning my degree.  Dave was a Veteran of the Viet Nam war.  At 23 years old, he’d stepped on a landmine, losing both legs.  Despite his loss, Dave’s ‘can do’ attitude inspired me to hang in there.  He was a wonderful role model, and probably never even knew it.  Every time, I’d think I couldn’t carry on, I’d look at  Dave, and think, if he can overcome his handicaps, I surely can achieve my goals.  I can not (shamefully) remember Dave’s last name, but I will never forget the strength he gave to me, just by being such a spectacular person himself.  Dave and I both graduated with our Associate Degrees in Architecture on June, 13, 1986.  I took pride in having him in my graduating class.

Now onto my Nominations to Carry the torch on down the line.

The people listed below, quite frankly represent those who leave the most comments on my blog, and therefore (including #7 … Judee) are being acknowledged for their visits.  A big thank you to all, whether you are listed here or not.  I appreciate all of my friends that stop to visit.

1.) Rebekah @  Fluffy Flurries

2.) Gerry @ Cobbie69

3.) Francine @ francineinretirement

4.) Sonel @ Sonel’s Corner

5.) Natalie @ reflectionsinapuddle

6.) Dolly @ allaboutlemon

7.) Judee @ alwaysjudee

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Continuing on my journey to post the many awards I’ve been receiving lately,  I would like to thank two fellow bloggers for this same award.  They are:

Karen @  Craven Creativity


Sunshine @ Simply Charming

Thank you ladies for bestowing this honor on me, and please accept my apologies for my delinquency in getting the award posted right away.  In my efforts to try to get my second book out, “The Orples Make A Tree Home”, I was delayed somewhat.  Thank you never-the-less, for your kindness, your thoughtfulness, and your belief in me.  It is greatly appreciated.

A big hearty thank you goes to Karen & Sunshine for this award.

Rules for this award:

1.Thank the person who nominated you.

2. Share 7 things about yourself

A.) October and April are my favorite months of the year.

B.) I love bright colors.

C.) Horses are my favorite animal, cats are next.

D.) I am a BIG Ron Paul Fan, and supporter.

E.) I was born in the year of the Fire Rooster.

F.) I am 1 of 7 children.  I  was the baby.

G.) While I love the sunshine, I enjoy a rainy day, too.

3. Pass the award to 7 nominees


A.) Micheal @ Have A Dream
B.) suitablefish @ Journey Back To Words
C.) Kathy @ Writing and Illustrating
D.) Vivian @ Positive Parenting Participation
E.)  Warren @ Maze A Day
F.) Raymond @ wideawakebutdreaming
G.) Ledia @ The World of Fantasy

Kreative Blogger Award

Slowly, but surely, I am managing to get some of my awards posted. Lately, I’ve been trying to get my second book polished and published, which I finally did (in printed format anyway). Before I work on the e-book version though, I wanted to acknowledge the generosity of some of my fellow bloggers. Even though I’ve not posted these awards sooner, it does not mean I am any less grateful to those who chose to elect me. For this award: The Kreative Blogger Award, my thanks go to both Judee @ a round tuit and Vivian @ Positive Parental Participation. I am flattered that both of you ladies thought of me.

These are the rules:

You must thank the person who has given you the award.
Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
Link the person who has nominated you for the award.
Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting.
Nominate 7 other Kreative Bloggers.
Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate.
Leave a comment on each of the blogs to let them know they have been    nominated.

So… Seven things about me:

1.) I have red hair

2.) I used to spend my days trail riding (horses) and now I am turning my attention to writing children’s books.  Hopefully, one day, I’ll be able to saddle up again.

3.) I love ice cream in the summertime

4.) I love blueberries, anytime.

5.) My shoe size is 7 1/2 B.

6.) I was born in Charlottesville, Virginia, the home of our 3rd President, Thomas Jefferson.

7.) I designed prefabricated roof trusses for 19 years for a local building supply company.

The  Seven bloggers I would like to forward this award to are (in no particular order):

1.) Peaches

2.)Living Life in Glorious Color

3.)Lucid Gypsy


5.)Make Something Mondays



Genuine Blogger Award

Even though there are no rules associated with the ‘Genuine Blogger Award’, I would like to thank the two persons that nominated me for it: Vina Kent whose Blog is TRUnique News & Matters &  Natalie at Reflections in a Puddle.

First, way back in February, Vina Kent was so kind as to nominate me. Vina, this is the first opportunity I’ve had to post my award, but it is no less appreciated due to my lack of time to date. So Thank you!

Additionally, I’d like to thank Natalie who nominated me on March 15 to receive the honors. In the event you’d thought I’d forgotten, I’ve not. All things unfold as time allows, and the time has come to post this award. To you, let me extend my heartfelt thanks as well.

Here is the original post that explains the reasoning behind this award: .

Some of the people I would like to extend the honors to are:


Sonel @ Sonel’s corner

Mumsey @ Chancy, the Gardner

Madhu @ The Urge to Wander

Jo Bryant @ Chronicles of Illusions

Tracie Louise @ Tracie Louise Photography

Kellie See @ kellisee

Dolly @ allaboutlemon

Jay @  Positive Cookie Attitude


These are but a few of the fine bloggers I can think of.  If your name is not on this nomination list, please don’t feel left out.   There are no rules to accompany the Genuine Blogger Badge, so if you would like a badge, please post one with my blessing.

Versatile Blogger Award

Greetings my dear fellow bloggers,

I am ashamed to admit I am so far behind schedule, but my subconscious mind will no longer allow me to ignore several awards that I have recently nominated for. Since I have quite a few, in different categories, I will separate the awards accordingly, and acknowledge those that elected me at one time for the same award.

Since there are several awards, there will be several posts.

I feel like I am cheating in doing so, but it is a time thing. I will be posting each award individually on my site with credit given to the blogger who passed the honor on to me. The first of these awards is the Versatile Blogger Award.


Credit for the award is listed by date first, and the origin of the nomination. I would like to thank each, and every, person that did nominate me for thinking of me. I pray I haven’t overlooked anyone, as that is not my intention. Please forgive me, and re-notify me if I’ve left you out, so that I give you credit for your generosity and my thanks for thinking of me.

2.28.2012 … Semi-RuralFarmLife
3.08.2012 … influenceversuscontrol
3.08.2012 … Reflections in a puddle
3.13.2012 … francineinretirement
3.13.2012 … EllaDee

The rules for the Veratile Blogger Award is as follow:

1.) In a post on your blog, nominate 7 fellow bloggers for the Versatile Bloggers Award.
2.)In the same post, add the Versatile Blogger Award.
3.) In the same post, thank the blogger who nominated you in a post with a link back to their blog.
4.) In the same post, share 7 completely ramdom pieces of information about yourself.
5.) In the same post, include this set of rules
6.) Inform each nominated blogger of their nomination by posting a comment on each of their blogs.

According to rule number 4, here are some tidbits about me.

1.) My sun sign is Taurus
2.) I have grown 3 Sons, and 4 grandsons.
3.) I love Jeans and boots in the winter time, shorts and sandals in the summer, and seldom wear dresses (although I do own a few … just in case I may need one).
4.) I am spiritual as opposed to being religious
5.) I love ALL animals and some insects. LOL
6.) Kids melt my heart
7.) I hope one day to be a well-known author.

Now onto rule #1 … my nominations to forward this award go to …

1.) Ann Noveck (narhvalvr) … Ann keeps us informed on whats going on in the world, especially where it pertains to animal abuse. I hit her blog often with likes, even though oft times I don’t like the subject matter itself. I do like the fact that she exposes the many injustices in this world. Ann also provides numerous posts of more pleasant subjects and beautiful landscapes and interesting structures. Kudos to Ann for an extremely interesting blog.
2.) Cobbie69 … Gerry delights me with his photographs of castles and such, in addition to the fact that he has an interesting blog overall. Good Job Gerry. I always enjoy visiting your blog and checking out your newest posts.
3.) Seekrazz . Scott always comes up with some beautiful photography and other interesting stuff. I still need to go back and review some of his older posts since we met only recently.
4.)Northern Narratives for their never ending supply of wonderful and varying photographs.
5.)Dou Dou Birds … just when you think it’s just about the birds, Dorothy throws you something out of the blue. Pretty versatile, if you ask me.
6.) Jake Sprinter from ‘Time after Time’ for his ever challenging Sunday Challenges that give us all something to blog about. Jake does a fine job with his subjects, and deserves a hearty pat on the back.
7.)Freedombytheway … I love the informative posts they present to keep us all abreast of the various political situations as they arise. We should all stay informed and act where we can to ensure justice in our society.

ABC Award

Carol… Adjustingyourfocus, was kind enough to elect me for this award. I feel bad that this is the first opportunity I’ve had to respond and to accept the honor she has bestowed upon me. But things unfold in their own time, as is true with this post. Thank you Carol for thinking of me. I will try to make you proud! 😉

Here is my list of ABC’s about me. They are written in good humor and are sometimes, but not always true, little tidbids about me. 🙂 Enjoy.

ABC list

I am some of these things, some of the time. Moods vary, so I may slip from time to time. But for the most part, I try to be a good person and live by the Golden Rule (the do onto other’s version).

A … author
B … busy
C … creative
D … daughter
E … efficient
F … frugal
G … grandmother
H … habitual
I … intelligent
J … just
K … kind
L … liar (see voluptuous)
M … mother
N … nocturnal
O … original
P … patient
Q … quiet
R … resourceful
S … sister
T … tough
U … understanding
V … voluptuous (see liar)
W… wonderful (at least to my grandchildren (usually)
X … X-wife
Y … yarn lover
Z … Zimp (as in; Mr. Zimp’s creator)

Vina Kent



Cee Neuner

If your name is not on this list, please do not take it personally. I really enjoy blogging with you all.

Can someone please tell me how to actually collect my reward? Okay, I admit it, I am one of those morons that doesn’t know how to use my own computer, but I’m learning. 🙂 HELP!