Sergei Grinkov & Ekaterina Gordeeva . A Love Story

Here I go, wandering away from orples and my books again. But then again, I want to keep my blog interesting, so I try to offer variety, thus I present this post as something different. It is a tribute to true love.

My father and I used to enjoy watching ice skating together when I was a teenager. Dad died in 1986,so I doubt he ever saw Ekaterina and Sergei skate together. It is too bad, because these two were among (if not) one of the greatest pair skaters alive, probably the best in their time. Before Sergei died at aged 28, he and Ekaterina married and had a daughter, who now sometimes skates with her mother.

Talk about a sad love story. These two beautiful skaters were meant to be together. What a team. They began skating when Ekaterina was 14 years old. At that time, she’d already been skating for 10 years.

The following videos pretty much tell their story and are worth watching if you enjoy ice skating. They are as one when they skate, and are a pure delight to watch.

1988 . The early years

1994 Olympics

A tribute to Sergei (get the tissues out)

Sergei’s Death (a summary as reported on the news at the time)

Sunday Photo Challenge . Design #3

This is a mechanical plan I’ve been working on with a local engineer. This job began last June and was put on hold for whatever reason. Now it appears to have come back to life, so I’ve been ‘tweaking notes’ tonight, and have once again run out of time. Since I have nothing else to share, I will share this. This is a typical mechanical plan for a commercial building. In this case, a daycare center to be built for a local church.

Mechanical plan for a daycare center.

This is an example of a client wanting to stray from color, using only black and white. This sheet will be embedded into a plan drawn by others, so I drew the engineers title block and saved it as a blank prior to doing this drawing. If the same engineer uses my services in the future, I will be one step ahead of the game. This is a classic example of a ‘spoon fed’ job. The client simply told me what he wanted and gave me the notes to go with his sketch. It was up to me to draw it to scale and make it an attractive addition to the rest of the plan set. That works for me.