Sunday Photo Challenge . Design

This was a brochure I made up for one of my plan designs when I was focusing on my drafting business. I really need to update my ‘Plans by Marcy’ website. With the ‘new’ housing market being so slow, I’ve been busy with my books and haven’t put the time into tweaking my information and/or adding new plans to my portfolio. Unlike most of my piers, I think color should be used in plans. I not only use color in my brochures, but draw the actual plans in color too. Unfortunately, when I post my drawings on my website, I have to turn them into JPEG files, which distorts the original colors used in my AutoCadd program.

The sample below was printed on 8-1/2″ x 11″ card stock. At one point I was making quite a few similar fliers to hand out and post locally. It seems though, when I’m drafting these days, I am either doing custom jobs, room additions, or renovations. Business in the housing market is sad at the moment, thus my focus has been on my books instead.

A brochure I'd made up for a Craigslist Advertizement.

Below is a sample page from one of my plans. I draw them in color and when printed, they come out much nicer than they look on the computer screen. Being shown on 24″ x 36″ paper helps bring out the details much better than you can see here in these examples.

Page 2 from a 3 page plan set