Ride ‘um Orples

Olivia and Oscar have decided they want to learn to ride horses. Poor Oscar has lost his seating, it appears.  Olivia is trying to get the horse to slow down before Oscar does fall off.

Hang on there, Oscar! Don't fall off!

Of course if Riley (the dog) would go away, maybe the horse would slow down a little.  Let’s hope so, before Oscar hits the ground.  That would hurt, no doubt.


32 responses to “Ride ‘um Orples

    • I’m glad you like my little orples. If you know anyone with kids looking for new friends, don’t be shy! 😉 The orples are always looking for adventure. LOL . Thanks you for stopping by and checking them out.


    • I liked this shot, too, although I cropped a lot out of the original photo so the orples would show up a bit more. Thus the reason for using a black horse too. 😉 Thanks for checking it out.


    • Funny you should mention that, Judee. In my second book, Oscar gets pricked with barbed wire, and yes, they do bleed orange juice. LOL. Of course, what else would you expect? Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


    • Riley was somebody elses dog, but he was definitely my trail buddy. He’d explore for hours with Magi and me. Poor Oscar … he’s always getting hurt. But he loves it.


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