Weekly Photo Challenge. Reflections

There was an alternative challenge this past week, which I am just now getting to.  Even though there are a gazillion photos of buildings reflecting back in the water, all of them are different. Thus, I offer yet another building admiring its own reflection, as it shares its double vision with the world. This photo was taken in Danville, Virginia.

Looking across the Dan River.

Sunday Photo Challenge . Work 2

Painting the Kitchen

Yesterday, my post on work was based on installing new windows in the main level of this same house. When I lived in Danville, I spent quite a bit of time and money renovating this old house. The house oozed with the charm of yesteryear. It was originally built in 1947. The existing wood floors were beautiful and the joists were laid diagonally, which is not a feature you often see in newer houses today. There was also a considerable amount of cross bracing throughout the house, which was a pain to deal with where plumbing was concerned, but it made for a structurally sound house. Structure always wins in my book. The Kitchen was originally off-white. Blah. I decided to dress it up a bit,adding a little color, to create a unique kitchen with a personality all its own.

I left the outside of the door white, although I did prime and repaint it, so the paint was fresh. Since this is early on in the project, I’d only primed the inside wood work at this point.

I was in the middle of priming the kitchen here. The old AC unit was still in the old window. The windows had not arrived for replacement at this point. This is the right rear view.

Here, I was moving along nicely, playing with the features in the wood work, and using my paint to add interest. I was winging it, so to speak and of course, hoping for the best. 🙂 Of course Chicky Monster had to stop for lunch.  Supervising is hard work.

Here we are at that right rear view again, beginning to add red trim. I was trying to stretch my painter’s tape by reusing it until it was useless. I’m frugal. Note the use of old plans for drop cloths … after they were used here, they were recycled.  Waste not, want not.

Again, we have the right rear corner it view. It’s beginning to take on some personality now. Who wants the same old kitchen that everyone else has anyway?

Switching over to the left rear corner, you can see that I didn’t totally dismantle the kitchen to paint. Some stuff got shoved to the side and draped with plastic. After all, I still needed to eat while I worked. This project took me about 3 weeks to finish, since I was working some drafting jobs at the same time I was renovating the house.

Still looking at the left rear view, you can see the kitchen is now put back together for the time being. The light overhead messed this shot up a little.

Okay, now we’re back at the right rear corner. By now you can get a feel for the finished project. Note that the windows are opened, so the grills aren’t apparent.

Again, not the best photograph … sorry about that, but this shot gives a somewhat 3-D effect of the finished project. The pantry and backdoor are behind me of course, but I’m sure if you use your imagination you can visualize the final outcome.

Okay, now comes the day of reckoning … Good, bad, or indifferent, how do you like my updated kitchen?  If you don’t like it, please say so. You won’t  hurt my feelings any.

Sunday Photo Challenge . Work

Installing New Windows

This was a little home improvement job I had going on, when I was in Danville.

This one includes a glimpse of ‘painting the kitchen’… an upcoming post for this weeks Sunday Challenge. The red trim is new, too.

A preview at what was going on outside.

A better view of the ‘before’ on that outside window.


Side view of the house outside. All of the first floor windows were replaced. The upper level windows (not shown) had already been replaced, and the basement was saved for later. Later never came (that I know of).

Weekly Photo Challenge . Unfocused 2

This is the back of the Pepsi Cola Bottling Plant in Danville, Virginia. It is a wee bit blurry, but for this challenge, works quite well.

Down by the river.

The Dan River sports a reflective view, even though it, too, is a blur. I thought this was an interesting photo despite the fact that it is not a focused shot.  Maybe it is the blues and the browns together, or the fact the houses on the hill above show up in the reflection, but not on the bank beyond the camera’s frame on the hill overlooking the river?  Maybe it is the vertical trees reflecting back that offer subtle interest? This shot is so busy blending it’s features into each other, it is hard to tell?  I hope you enjoy the shot, none-the-less.

Weekly photo challenge . Through #2

Here is a little glimpse of the Dan River raging over the fall, as you look through the underside of the bridge.

It's just water under the bridge.

Three Bridges

This is a shot of the Dan River taken in Dan Daniels Park. They have a walk that skirts the city running through the park. Some of the bridges are old and have become foot bridges, having been replaced with newer bridges to handle traffic. One of the bridges still carries a train across it several times a day. Danville is a very old and historic city located in central Virginia on the North Carolina border. When Dan River Fabrics shut down about 10 years ago, due to outsourcing, the city lost a good deal of its population. Unemployment is high there, but the townsfolk are working hard to try to bring in technology to create jobs to fill the many empty houses that fill the city.

Looking beyond the first bridge, you'll see two more.

Weekly Photo Challenge. Contrast #4

This is a view of Danville, Virginia. I thought the buildings across the river were interesting, and with the trees, the river, and the rocks, provide a lot of contrast between the elements of the photo. The grass in the forefront adds additional depth and interest, not to mention color to the scene.

(Old) Downtown Danville, Virginia, looking across the river.

Playing Peek a Boo

When I first got my Corel program and had not a clue as how to use it, I started by experimenting with some of the features. For practice, I made this little game sheet for my grandchildren to either cut out and paste, or to draw the squares into the squares. These types of puzzles were (and maybe still are popular) in the activities sections of some newspapers. Of course, you can draw the picture, then cut out the blocks and paste over your drawing too if you are really bored. Please feel free to print off and cut out these squares for your own use if you would like. Hopefully this will be big enough to work with. The original sheet I gave to my grandchildren to cut out is 8 1/2″ x 11″. I used card stock to print it on for better results.

Magi playing Peek a boo . game cutout sheet

Below is the actual photo I used as my ‘test’ subject. First, I obviously cropped the photo, then bit-mapped it. Corel has some cool features to distort the original photograph for an artsy look.

Magi playing peek a boo with me before our ride