Sunday Photo Challenge . Shelter #3

I am obviously loving Jake’s theme this week. This one is almost as ‘up my alley’ as the landscape theme a few weeks back. So here is another example of shelter, I felt worthy of sharing with my fellow bloggers. Please enjoy. 🙂

Christmas on a farm in Chesterfield County, Va.

This was another one of those photos I had to turn around, go back, and shoot. A stable with animals (mostly horses,no less) and a Christmas Wreath on the window above? Hmmm, I couldn’t help but take advantage of the opportunity to add this little number to my collection of roadside shots.

Weekly Photo Challenge. Together

Magi was rescued Mid-December of 1990 by my sister, Laura, who purchased him for me for Christmas that year. Her gift was a gift to both Magi and Me, since I honestly think she saved his life and possibly my sanity as the years passed. Magi stayed with Laura until the spring so I could scout around and find somewhere to board him closer to where I lived. In the meantime, Laura continued to nurse him along and bring him back to health. He had gained about 75 – 100 pounds in those few months. One day, I will do a post on the befores, and afters, and fill in a few more durings, shots. This is a ‘in the beginning’ shot.

Magi and Me . Spring 1991. Orange County, Virginia . Getting ready to load up and head to a new home (Chesterfield County).

As time went on, Magi and I became the best of friends and bonded trail partners.

Winter of 1998-99. As you can see, Magi had turned out to be a fine horse. We rode for hours on end, thus the need for all of the gear. I liked to be prepared.

As the years went by, Magi and I started hauling cargo. This is Jacob hopping on board in the summer of 2005. This photo was taken in Halifax County.

Here's another little package I found that needed a lift. Jayden joined Magi and me in 2008 for a ride around the ring. This was his first pony ride. He was terrified. Can you tell?

Of course, Ian couldn't be left out. Here again, the year is 2008. I think Ian was hot, he didn't look too thrilled to be riding, did he?

Weekly Photo Challenge . Sun 3

Okay, I admit it, I don’t have a lot of photos of the sun head on, but I do love to play in the sunshine. This is another of several ‘shadow shots’ I’ve taken over the years. Of course that shadow represents Magi and me on the trail on a sunny day. 🙂

Playing with the sun's rays.

Averettes Horses

One thing Danville had to offer was Averette University, and they in turn, offered equestrian courses. In the spring time, Averette would bring 20 – 25 horses to the farm for two or three months to board them, so their own pastures could ‘rest’. These are but a few of their fine beasts.

A group of horses belonging to the students of Averette University, temporarily boarded at the farm.

That pesky tractor needs to go around us, can't it see we're trying to eat here?

Weekly Photo Challenge . Journey

I hope trail rides count as journeys, because that’s what I’ve got to offer. In this case we rode in the mountains of North Carolina. This was the “Love Valley” ride. We spent four days camping under the stars with our horses.

On top of the mountain

‘T’ posts and wire were used to make a corral for the horses,when we weren’t riding them. A waterfall about 5 miles away was our shower, and the town, which provided nightly entertainment on the weekends, was closed to motor vehicles. The streets were lined with hitching posts and wooden sidewalks. There were tack shops, a farrier, a saloon, complete with pool table, dart boards,and a live band. There was a supply/grocery store and some souvenir shops lining the streets. The trails began on the ‘other’ side of town.

If not a journey, these four days were definitely an experience.

Sunday Photo Challenge . Nature

Recycled life strikes again. I can look at this photo and see the strong healthy tree this beauty once was. With time and weather, nature’s elements have taken their toll. Yet, the remainder of this tree may stand for years to come, as it’s dead branch supplies food for insects. The hollow center of the tree is, no doubt, a home for larger wildlife.

The fallen branch, though now dead, still supports life.

Sunday Photo Challenge . Light

I have always loved this photograph, not only because of the various textures, but because of the reflection of light rippling on the surface.

Reflections of light.

No Longer There

When I took this photo, I was basically snapping off memories while out riding Magi one day, about 5 years ago.  I had no idea when I took this shot that the little house sitting on top of the hill would soon be lost to a fire.

The house on the hill ... that was.

The farm’s caretakers lived in the house before it burned.  Thankfully, they escaped the fire unharmed, but they lost everything they owned. The owners of the farm replaced the original structure with a mobile home. A piece of local history was lost forever, and a home was destroyed.  But still, proof exists that the house indeed once stood on the hill.

Sunday Photo Challenge . Pleasure #3

Jacob was really getting the hang of riding ‘all by himself’. A good horse is a terrific confidence booster for kids.

Magi and Jacob riding in the ring.

Magi was a little spoiled, if you look closely, you’ll see his ‘treats’ tied to the side of the bareback pads. He liked cherry tomatoes, broccoli, watermelon, cantaloupe, fruit loops,apples, carrots, and whatever else was sitting around in the kitchen. Magi was a regular garbage disposal. I think his colorful diet is why, at almost 27 years old (now), he is still a healthy horse. In the photo above, he is about 22 years old, Jacob was 5.