Preliminary Drawing . Kite hung up in the tree

This is a drawing I’ve been working on today. I still have a ways to go before it is finished. Maybe one day, I’ll tuck this drawing into one of my orples books should text arise to accompany the scene. For now, this is the begins of an illustration I’m working on for the theme ‘March’ hosted by “Writing and Illustrating”.

Just the beginning of my entry . subject to change.

Since time is slipping by today, I figured I share this instead of veering off course to hunt for something else. I did a reblog earlier, but that is not the same thing as posting original information, so with that thought in mind, I suspect you’re not likely to see this anywhere else. Thus, wallah,I present to you my postaday2012 entry for today, which will be re-posted again once it is finished. The deadline for entry for this drawing is March 27th, so look for it again between now, and then.