Monsanto must be stopped.

Attention please!

Given the fact that we all live on this planet and without our natural resources, beginning with our food supply, we would ALL cease to survive. Ditto for all of the lovely flowers, and animals that we share with each other through photographs and chats on our blog pages. Thus I am using my blog to help spread this message. Monsanto must be exposed and they must be stopped. They are robbing us of our very environment. This is not just an American problem. It is a problem the World must face in order to maintain a planet for future generations. Think about it, and please help if you can. If nothing else, if we all boycotted Roundup, it would be a beginning. Mass efforts make big impacts.


5 responses to “Monsanto must be stopped.

    • The more people who are aware of Monsanto’s evils, the more likely it is that they can be stopped. I hope this is one issue, everyone, worldwide, will keep in the spotlight.


    • People, worldwide need to realize the damage Monsanto is doing to the balance of Nature. If it weren’t for the urgency, I’d not post something of this nature on my personal blog. Thanks for checking it out.


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