Trees and Tobacco

This is a ‘texture’ shot that I’ve always favored. I thought you might enjoy it too.

Vertical and Horizontals, one complimenting the other.


18 responses to “Trees and Tobacco

    • I love the textures you find in the great ideas. Sometimes I have to stop roadside and just capture the sights. Mother Nature never ceases to strut her stuff. Thanks for checking it out. I’m glad you enjoyed the shot. 😉


    • This was taken on a beautiful day, when time allowed me to pull over and actually snap a couple of shots of the landscapes as they presented one beautiful setting after another. This particular shot is a favorite. I’m glad you got the chance to check it out, Rebekah.


    • Thank you Ella. I had a needlework project in mind, when I took this. Many of my outdoorsy photos are taken for potential artistic purposes, or at least studies to be manipulated into something else. Thank you for checking this shot out. 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed it, and appreciate the feedback.


    • Thank you. This was breathtaking, in being there, and I couldn’t resist the colors and form, the shot offered. I have the camera to thank for the quality of the photo, and of course, Mother Nature gets credit for the subject. 🙂


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