Weekly Photo Challenge . Contrast

Given the fact that it is spring, and the Dog Wood Tree is Virginia’s State Flower, perhaps the contrast of the buds against a clear blue sky will be an appropriate contrast for this weeks theme? If not, oh well… that’s what we have here:

Dogwood tree in blossom.

If that doesn’t work for you, here is a better example of contrast, although I am not sure the specie of the tree.

Twigs against a wedge wood sky

Meet Rocky . Rockette?

Meet my little Raccoon buddy that lives under the tool shed. She has decided to adopt us. She usually comes out at night, but last summer she would make an appearance in the daytime, I think due to the heat. She would nab a drink of water, and sometimes a bite to eat before retreating back to her refuge for her daily beauty rest. Of course, like every other critter that crosses my path, she is a wee bit spoiled.

Wow! Corn. For me? Yum!

Rocky likes little treats here and there and who am I to deny her? She thinks she is a cat, I think.

Cat food works too!

I set some cat food out for her, so the neighbors wouldn’t see her out and about in the daytime and freak out. My neighbors are the ‘animal control’ type that would have her removed and probably killed because she is a ‘wild’ animal. Don’t tell her that though. She comes within about 5 feet of me at night. We mutually agree that is our comfort zone. Just for the record she might be a he, but for the sake of argument, I am assuming she is a young lady. She acts like one.