Olivia & Oscar meet Monster

Chicky Monster is my old, faithful, no good for nothing, kitty, critter that serves as my side kick. As a rule Monster likes to sit on my lap when I am trying to work. He puts his paws on the edge of my desk. He snoozes, while I try to work around him … until I get frustrated and give him the boot.

Olivia and Oscar conversing with Monster

Monster also likes to hang out in high places, and look down on the world when he is not hanging out inside. Monster is really a big chicken. Thus his name, Chicky Monster. He has been my pal for about 10 years now. I adopted him when my son was in the Navy and his ship sailed right after 911. Somehow, I’ve ended up with this goofy creature all of these years. Hmmm, what would I do without him? As you can see, he is buds with the orples too.


16 responses to “Olivia & Oscar meet Monster

  1. Awwwww, now isn’t that the most adorable you’ve ever seen! Monster is absolutely gorgeous and I love how you added the Orples. So cute! hehehehe
    Please give Monster and the Orples big hugs and smooches from me. 🙂


    • Thank you once again Sonel. Monster is old now, but hes’ a snuggler. 1’m sure he’ll love the extras hugs and smooches, so I’ll be sure to pass them along. Thanks for visiting. It’s always a pleasure to have you stop and comment! 🙂 Hugs right back at you this morning.


    • Thank you. Monster used to love to sleep on that railing. It was a second floor deck. He would sit on the corner and watch the world go by. Must be nice to just relax, and watch the sun shine, with nothing better to do than to talk to orples. LOL


    • Monster, being the spoiled creature that he is, thinks he is Top Cat. I have to pick on him sometimes to keep him in line with reality. 😉 Thanks for commenting and stopping by! 😉


  2. Awwwwwww, sweet Monster you look like a real sweetie to us. That is a great picture. Hugs and nose kisses


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