Weekly Photo Challenge. Together

Magi was rescued Mid-December of 1990 by my sister, Laura, who purchased him for me for Christmas that year. Her gift was a gift to both Magi and Me, since I honestly think she saved his life and possibly my sanity as the years passed. Magi stayed with Laura until the spring so I could scout around and find somewhere to board him closer to where I lived. In the meantime, Laura continued to nurse him along and bring him back to health. He had gained about 75 – 100 pounds in those few months. One day, I will do a post on the befores, and afters, and fill in a few more durings, shots. This is a ‘in the beginning’ shot.

Magi and Me . Spring 1991. Orange County, Virginia . Getting ready to load up and head to a new home (Chesterfield County).

As time went on, Magi and I became the best of friends and bonded trail partners.

Winter of 1998-99. As you can see, Magi had turned out to be a fine horse. We rode for hours on end, thus the need for all of the gear. I liked to be prepared.

As the years went by, Magi and I started hauling cargo. This is Jacob hopping on board in the summer of 2005. This photo was taken in Halifax County.

Here's another little package I found that needed a lift. Jayden joined Magi and me in 2008 for a ride around the ring. This was his first pony ride. He was terrified. Can you tell?

Of course, Ian couldn't be left out. Here again, the year is 2008. I think Ian was hot, he didn't look too thrilled to be riding, did he?


38 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge. Together

    • Animals? Who said anything about animals? These are family photos of the grandchildren, and my youngest child (a four legged one, at that). šŸ˜‰ Thanks for dropping by and checking us out.


    • I did too. It broke my heart to have to give him up for adoption due to this economy. Sadly, my fourth grandson has never even met Magi. But on the up side, Magi is still alive and doing well, in the loving hands of friends. Thanks for stopping by for a visit. šŸ™‚


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  2. A truly true pictures of togetherness. But I see a lot more than just pictures. I see a love in each one and a bond that is not very common. great memories and thanks for sharing some thing I think is quite personal..:)


    • Thank you for visiting, Gerry. These are somewhat personal shots, but so what? You are looking at happy times ‘together’. I appreciate that you stopped in to say hello and share those times of days gone by with us. šŸ™‚


  3. It is really sad when beautiful animals like the horse are found abused. Ugh. Just breaks your heart. I enjoyed your sharing of Magi and your family here. Thanks! šŸ™‚


    • I am waiting until closer to Christmas to do a post on Magi’s before and after, for what would have been our 22nd anniversary together. Because I love this horse so, I gave him to a good home that can continue to give him the care he needs. This damned recession has about done me in. Magi was all ribs, with a nasty cut that had been infected for some time when Laura first found him. He had worms, and looked to be aged. It turned out he was only 7 years old. When he came back to life, he was a rocket, and very nervous. It took us a few years to really bond and for him to learn to trust me, but once that happened, it was a match made in heaven. Magi had a great life when I had him, and is still in good hands. He is about 29 years old now. This story, to date, has had a happy ending (less the fact that I had to give him up). I’m glad you stopped by and enjoyed checking out some of our moments together. šŸ™‚


      • Oh, such a sad, sad beginnings for Magi. It’s getting so common now with irresponsible, or rather, stupid people who if they can’t take care of an animal, they just leave it or push it out of their vehicles. I heard recently about a man who was charged for animal abuse because he kept three horses but didn’t have the finances to upkeep them. He said hay was getting too expensive to buy!! What??!!
        So, instead of giving them to someone who could take care of them, nooo, he just kept them penned up and starving! Sounds a bit like your Magi story. It’s soooo upsetting!


        • I already told the girl that I gave Magi to, if ever there came a day that she was unable to provide for him, to let me know. As long as I’m alive, Magi will always have a good home. I’ll see to it. I saw him in October, since he’s quite a distance from me now, and he looked great. His feet were trimmed, and he’s holding his weight very well for his age. I can tell he’s being loved. He is also with other horses. Giving him up broke my heart, but not as much as it would have, if I knew I couldn’t feed him properly. I agree 100%, if you cannot care for an animal, find someone who can.


          • It’s wonderful you have the opportunity, even though infrequent, to visit with Magi. I imagine it must be tough on those visits though. (my heart is crying!) I bet he remembers you fondly. šŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing and will look forward to your progress reports about him. šŸ™‚


          • I’ve put a wall up between Magi and myself to an extent to protect myself. Thus I only see him about every six months, and then it is to assure myself that he’s being taken care of. The last time I saw him, he was fat and sassy. I have no doubt that he’s in good hands. Thanks for your emotional support, but I think this is a happy ending for him, anyway. One day, maybe I’ll be in a position to save another horse, if I’m not too old by then to work with it. Magi was a wild one at first, but I was young and able to handle all that he could dish out. Now I suspect, I’d be sore after the first hour sitting on a horse. ;(


    • These were wonderful, happy days, Jake. I wish I still had Magi. Today would have been the perfect day to ride, aside from the fact that I miss him terribly. Thanks for stopping by to check us out. šŸ™‚


    • Magi and I were the answer to each others prayers. I was also very luck to have had him. He was one of the greatest joys in my life. Thanks for stopping by and checking him out. šŸ™‚


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