I don’t own a dog myself, but for those of you who do, you may find this an interesting post, and well worth your time to read. 🙂 Please pass along for the sake of your dog’s health.

DogDaz Zoo

Ok everyone…THESE are among the chicken treats responsible for killing dogs or making them seriously ill. Vets everywhere are now warning everyone to stop giving your dogs these treats. They are slowly shutting down dog’s kidneys and it is because of something they have in them, still as yet UNKNOWN. The fact that they don’t know what the contaminant is, is why the FDA  has not pulled these treats from stores. Do not buy ANY treats made in China, as that is where these contaminated, poisonous products are coming from.The FDA has received over 600 complaints on these….other brands are Canyon Creek Ranch and DOGSWELL.  Anyone feeding their dog chicken treats needs to look at the package carefully as the words “Made in China” can be very small… do not be fooled by the phrase “An American Company” they are using in large print!

It’s a huge issue…

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Sunday Photo Challenge. Stairway 2

How can anyone deny “The Stairway To Heaven”? I admit that Led Zeppelin is my all time favorite ‘heavy’ rock band. Here’s to the Granddaddy of Heavy Metal….
and a stairway we all hope to climb in one day, one way, or another, I would imagine.

Front Album Cover . Led Zeppelin V . (sorry about the tiny size, I had to download this, since the original album is too big for my scanner).

Scanned lyrics . part 1

Scanned lyrics . part 2