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Oh, the Irony is today’s challenge, so I figure, now that I’ve thought about the challenge for awhile, I will touch on two subjects, both gifts revolving around ‘The Magi‘. First there is the  book: ‘The Gift of the Magi, by O’Henry. The story is about as ironic as you can get. It is the story of a young couple in love. Neither of these young lovers have any money, so they  each sell something to give the other a gift for Christmas; he sells his watch to buy his beloved a comb, and she sells her hair to buy him a gold watch chain. The other Magi, my sister’s gift to me, in 1990, has it’s own sense of Irony. When my sister originally bought ‘my Magi’, he was a rescue horse, and I have no doubt he’d have died early had he not been saved. The horse was literally starving to death. As it turned out, I’m not so sure that it wasn’t Magi that rescued me. He certainly was a rock for me through some trying years. I don’t have Magi anymore, but he will always own a piece of my heart. He was named after The Magi that followed the star when Jesus was born.  Appropriate, since, indeed, Magi was a godsend—to us both.

Magi. the day my sister bought him. He had worms, so she left him in his pasture for the 1st week and carried him oats, hay, and fresh water everyday to avoid contaminating her own fields.

Magi—only about seven years old shown here— the day my sister bought him. He had worms, so she left him in his pasture for the first week and carried him oats, hay, and fresh water everyday to avoid contaminating her own fields.  That cute kid in the forefront is my little niece, all grown up now.

Magi_after Look at what a handsome, happy fellow he turned out to be seventeen years later.  Another seven years have passed since the above photo was taken, and while I don’t have Magi anymore, he is still alive and has a good home on a big farm in Cumberland County, Virginia. He’s retired now, but very well loved by some friends of mine who were thrilled to adopt him.  I think if it had not been for my fine stead in years past, I’d have lost my mind a long time ago. Another little tidbit, only my blogging audience knows, is that Polly, Beth’s horse in Book 2 of my new Bride’s trilogy, is based on Magi’s coloring, although, Polly is written to be a mare, while my guy is a gelding. I’m sure Magi would forgive me if he knew I turned him into a girl. He probably figures the Vet beat me to it anyway.  I wish I’d gotten Magi while he was still at colt. He’d have been a wonderful daddy, and I have no doubt, would have sired some beautiful foals.   To watch the story on you tube, just click the title story–The gift of the Magi video:  


9 responses to “[New Post] Daily Post , Oh, The Irony

    • Thank you Gilly. Magi was my trail mate for 19 years. I doubt anyone ever loved a horse, the way I loved him. I am grateful everyday for the time we had together. Thank you, too, for dropping by. It is wonderful to reconnect with you. 🙂


  1. I always loved that story written by O’Henry and it’s always great to see sweet Magi. What a gorgeous and happy fellow he was indeed. I am so glad you were there for each other and that he is still happy and living well. They are such magnificent souls. 😀


    • They are running these little ‘challenges’ to encourage blogging, and that was the most Ironic stories I could think of at the moment. The story is a favorite of mine, as well. And my Magi? While, I do miss him, he’s in really good hands, making it easier to accept the fact that all good things come to an end. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by. I always love to see you on board.

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  2. Hey Marcie, delighted to have you back! I was so worried when you dropped off the radar.
    Happy for you that Magi came into your life at the right moment. He looks adorable.


      • Howdy, right back at ya, Madhu. It took me a minute to figure out what you were apologizing for. No worries, I have a close friend that still spells my name that way, after 30 years. Yep, it’s been a while. Life happened, and sometimes you either have to back off or short circuit. Last year, I was trying to get back on track, and got slapped with Lymphoma out of the blue. What can you do, except roll with the punches? I’m happy to be back, traveling the world through cyberspace. One day, maybe I’ll do it in person. If not, I’ll have seen some beautiful sights anyway, thanks to other people’s blogs …like yours! Thanks for stopping by. I’ll either see you here, or on your thread. 🙂 By the way, I’d changed my e-mail, and I think it screwed up my links. I have been re-linking with everyone to be sure we are, indeed, linked up. 😉


  3. Magi is a beautiful/handsome horse. I have always loved and feared them at the same time. Was only on a horse a couple times when i was a kid. I have wanted to do it again but procrastination always got in my way.

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    • If not for Magi, I’d have lost my mind…really, truly. LOL We enjoyed 19 years together as trail-mates. You’d have loved him. Somewhere in the archives are photos of my grandchildren riding him. Please feel free to snoop if you’d like to. 🙂 In the meantime, I’m glad you met him. You were looking at a true godsend.

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