Sunday photo Challenge . Nature #2

I have two nature #2 posts this week. This one is actually #3 for the week, but I mislabeled the original #2 and put it under the weekly post by mistake, so this shot is intended to serve a dual purpose. It is a substitute for the first post to make up for my error, and it is a post in itself, just because these trees in their struggle to survive are so cool.

These trees are gripping the embankment for dear life ... literally. If not for their grip in the Earth, they would surly topple and die.

Of course, if you prefer to look up, instead of down, I have more trees (what is more natural than trees?), only these are reaching for the sun, and the moon, and the stars, as they appear to touch the sky, in their salute to the heavens.

From a tiny seed to a pillar of nature, beautiful trees standing tall!