Weekly Photo Challenge . Journey

I hope trail rides count as journeys, because that’s what I’ve got to offer. In this case we rode in the mountains of North Carolina. This was the “Love Valley” ride. We spent four days camping under the stars with our horses.

On top of the mountain

‘T’ posts and wire were used to make a corral for the horses,when we weren’t riding them. A waterfall about 5 miles away was our shower, and the town, which provided nightly entertainment on the weekends, was closed to motor vehicles. The streets were lined with hitching posts and wooden sidewalks. There were tack shops, a farrier, a saloon, complete with pool table, dart boards,and a live band. There was a supply/grocery store and some souvenir shops lining the streets. The trails began on the ‘other’ side of town.

If not a journey, these four days were definitely an experience.