The Orples Learn To Read … coming soon!

I finally sent book 3 (The Orples Learn To Read) off to Createspace to have a prototype made, which is the last step, prior to publication. If there are no changes to be made once I review the first print copy, by this time next week, I should have my third book available for purchase as a softcover book. In a couple of weeks, I hope it will be offered as an e-book, also. That is the plan.

In my efforts to wrap this, my third book, I’ve fallen behind in my blogging. Too, my grandson has been sick on and off this week and I’ve been keeping him since his normal babysitter won’t due to the fact that he is sick, and she doesn’t want to expose other children. Being Grandma trumps all!  Obviously, it has not been a good week for social activities. 😦 . On the bright side, I do hope to get ‘caught up’  on my blogging soon.  Until then, I hope life is being a peach (or maybe, in this case an orple) to you and yours! 😉  I’ll will be dropping in for visits on your posts, so please don’t think I’ve forgotten anyone, if I’ve not dropped by for a visit to your blog recently.

For the time being, I leave you with an inside view.  The excerpt below is page 20.