The Orples Go To California

Rommel doesn’t need to be in a Sophomore Slump anymore. He has decided to come out and play with the orples. We are going to visit him in California where he has put together a crackerjack post from his neck of the woods.

The orples are visiting Rommel in California

The orples are visiting Rommel in California

While the orples are exploring Rommel’s blog, feel free to visit the neighborhood and see what our other neighbors are up to. If you’d like to join us, please just drop me a comment, and let me know. Feel free to peruse my previous posts to see what the deal is. 🙂


10 responses to “The Orples Go To California

    • Thank you Linda. Right now, I’m trying to switch site addresses and may run into problems. Rommel just now joined our games, so I wanted to be sure to introduce him right away. For anyone who has not yet met him, they are in for a treat. If he gives me a re-blog, I should meet new people, too. Although I may have to ask all of my followers to bear with me while I make this transition. 😉

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