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The Orples and I appreciate our dedicated followers but we fear you may be following the wrong blog. Since I re-vamped our site, our audience has dropped, and I’ve noticed a good number of ‘NEW’ fellow bloggers have chosen to follow us, but are linking to this blog instead of our new blog thread …  I seldom post on this site anymore, due to time.

This is a general introduction to the face of our 'New Blog'. Please follow us there, as a rule we post everyday.

This is a general introduction to the face of our ‘New Blog‘. showing what is where, to help familiarize you with our new format. Please join us on that thread.  Olivia, Oscar, and I look forward to seeing you there. 😉

We post once daily, and often use YOUR past blog posts, linked back to your original post. If you would like to participate and become a neighbor then by all means, please just link to our new  blog and follow us there. If you are following THIS blog, please be sure we are linked on my new address so you can stay up to date on our latest Orples Adventures. Be sure and click the image to enlarge if you can’t read it, as is, on either/both blog/s), Also please note that the ‘Home’ key takes you to the beginning of our blog, and you can continuous all of our content, in spite of the category a post was placed in.  To comment on any particular blog along the way, just click it’s title to open, say what you will, then hit the back key to resume your journey if you like.  The announcement posted above would be seen from ‘home’, but not if you are visiting the neighborhood, since it was not tagged in that category.

For those of you who already know all of this, forgive me for being redundant. However, I have run into problems, and have had questions for other people’s blogs unfamiliar to me, thus out of courtesy to those who don’t know, I have taken the time to explain.  I want people to come see us, and be comfortable with our environment when they/you arrive.

While we’re at it, this is a good opportunity to introduce ourselves to other bloggers and redirect them to our UPDATED SITE.  We would love to see you there! 🙂

If you’d like to join our Adventures … please, check out our neighbors listed on our page: Rules of the Game.


Today’s Post . Dec 17, 2014

Tonight’s Post 12.17.14 —-

As was true last night, tonight’s post is on if you haven’t seen it already. Please note to open each individual post, click on that post’s title. To return to toggle mode to view all of my posts continually, use the orange (text) title key (Orples) in the top left of my blog page. That is my ‘home’ page key.



Be sure and follow the links to Ute’s blog where there are all kinds of cool ideas for last minute Christmas treats. If you have time, and don’t know Ute already, you should really check out her blog. The lady has some fantastic ideas and she is generous enough to share them with us all. You’ll love her posts. Go see. 🙂 LOL—I think Olivia, being the bossy little thing that she can be, is rubbing off on me.

I am still having problems with a few links, so if you want  to be following me, please be sure we are linked on your end, and I will do the same on this end. Again, I thank you all for you patience while I get these blog sites behaving correctly.


Tonight’s Post —–

Tonight’s post in on my new site — Please visit us there to pick up the links to visit Mr. Martin’s blog where you will find some wonderful advice on writing in general.


Today's post is on our sister site. Please visit us there for the full scoop. Thanks bunches.

Today’s post is on our sister site. Please visit us there for the full scoop. Thanks bunches.

I was happy to have stumbled onto his blog sometime ago and I hope you will be too. AD Martin is one of our neighbors.

The Orples Enjoy Izzy’s Waterfalls

Oscar just loves water. Cold water, hot water, bath water, it doesn’t matter.  Izzy said,’waterfall’, and Oscar asked, ‘where?’. So here we go, off to visit Isadora’s blog  It really is a lovely waterfall, I think on that we can agree.

Oscar getting ready to dive right on in.

Oscar getting ready to dive right on in.

While the orples are swimming, we may has well visit the neighbors and see what else Olivia and Oscar have been up to. 🙂

The Orples Miss Sonel

The orples wanted to visit Sophia since it has been awhile since we have seen her.  It appears she is on break. Bummer. Even Sonel’s little monkeys miss her while she is away. We’ll visit them, keeping  them company, until Sophia returns to her little corner of the world and picks up where she left off.

Olivia and Oscar visiting Sonel's monkeys in Africa.

Olivia and Oscar visiting Sonel’s monkeys in Africa.

While the Orples are in Africa, the rest of us can peruse the neighborhood and check out their other activities of the recent past. 🙂

The Orples Go To California

Rommel doesn’t need to be in a Sophomore Slump anymore. He has decided to come out and play with the orples. We are going to visit him in California where he has put together a crackerjack post from his neck of the woods.

The orples are visiting Rommel in California

The orples are visiting Rommel in California

While the orples are exploring Rommel’s blog, feel free to visit the neighborhood and see what our other neighbors are up to. If you’d like to join us, please just drop me a comment, and let me know. Feel free to peruse my previous posts to see what the deal is. 🙂

The Orples Go To The Parade

I just knew the minute the orples saw Colline’s blog and that parade she went to, they would want to go to Canada to play. Let’s go see what’s happening in Colline’s neck of the woods.

The orples join the parade in Canada to celebrate the upcoming holidays.

The orples join the parade in Canada to celebrate the upcoming holidays.

Afterwards, we’ll go check out the neighborhood to see what the rest of the gang is up to. If you want to join our neighborhood, let me know via comment. I’ll add your name to my list. If you are unsure as to what we’re talking about, feel free to read through past posts to find out what’s going on with the orples and our fellow bloggers. 🙂

The Orples Went To The Philippines.

Recently, Renxkyoko went to the Philippines. The orples had to tag along, being the world travelers that they are.  It is a good thing they went when they did because today the lovely islands are being hammered by Typoon Hagupit.

The orples in the Philippines saying a prayer for those facing Typhoon Hagupit.

The orples in the Philippines saying a prayer for those facing Typhoon Hagupit.

The orples are praying that everyone who is in the Philippines will be okay after the storms pass.  In the meantime, they have invited us to go visit the neighbors to see what the gang is up to in Orpleland. 🙂

[New Post] Gone, But Not Forgotten

The daily post submitted a challenge entitled ‘Gone, but not forgotten. I immediately thought of my oldest brother. So today, The Orples and I are paying tribute to my big brother, Chuck, may he RIP. Although he died in 2005, he will always be in my heart, especially at Christmas. There were 21 years age difference in the two of us. He was the oldest child, I was the youngest, and there were five more siblings sandwiched in between us. In spite of our age difference, the two of us were extremely close as adults, although as a child, I barely knew him, since he was grown and gone by the time I was born.

My oldest brother, Chuck and me. Christmas 2004. Our last Christmas together.

My oldest brother, Chuck, and me. Christmas 2004. Our last Christmas together.

This was the last photo of the two of us, taken Christmas, 2004. Chuck did not live to see Christmas 2005. So with teary eyes, I pay tribute to my big brother who may be gone, but he will never be forgotten.

The Orples Talk To Trees

It truly is Another Day in Paradise as the orples take a break to swim through Sylvia’s blog.

A talking tree? Just ask the orples. They'll tell you, it is true.

A talking tree? Just ask the orples. They’ll tell you, it is true.

I suspect the orples will be talking to that wise old tree for awhile, so we may as well visit the neighbors while we’re waiting for Oscar and Olivia to finish up their conversation. 🙂