The Orples Go Horseback Riding

I was looking for something else entirely, and got sidetracked looking through old photos of Magi. Imagine that. One look, and the orples were ready to go horseback riding with my grandson, Jacob, who was about five in this photo. Magi doesn’t appear to be real happy about toting three riders at once, but I guess he figures if Jacob can get his head up, he’ll cooperate. Anyone who hasn’t yet met Magi is welcome to reminisce the past with me in Photos of Days Gone By.

Kick'm in the sides and yell, 'gitty up'. I'm sure he'll go then. :)

Kick’m in the sides and yell, ‘gitty up’. I’m sure he’ll go then. 🙂

If you’d like to join the neighborhood please let me know. Basically, I pull a screen shot from YOUR blog, invite the orples along, then relink back to you, giving you credit for your work, and introducing new people to your blog. In return, I love it when you re-blog or ping-back, giving me a little recognition, too, on your stomping grounds. Olivia really would love to be famous one day, you know. 🙂 For more information, and a potential spot in a projected coffee-table book (with credit given per your specifications on any shots used), feel free to peruse the articles from past posts when you visit the neighbors.