The Orples Miss Sonel

The orples wanted to visit Sophia since it has been awhile since we have seen her.  It appears she is on break. Bummer. Even Sonel’s little monkeys miss her while she is away. We’ll visit them, keeping  them company, until Sophia returns to her little corner of the world and picks up where she left off.

Olivia and Oscar visiting Sonel's monkeys in Africa.

Olivia and Oscar visiting Sonel’s monkeys in Africa.

While the Orples are in Africa, the rest of us can peruse the neighborhood and check out their other activities of the recent past. 🙂

4 responses to “The Orples Miss Sonel

  1. Just gorgeous Marcy! I missed you and the Orples as well and it looks like I have lots of catching up to do indeed! They’ve been quite busy I see. 😀

    I am glad Oscar and Olivia kept the monkeys busy while I was on my blogbreak. Around here they’ve been keeping me busy during the silly season and I enjoyed that. 😀

    ♥ Love & Hugs ♥

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    • I’m glad you liked that post, although it fell in line during my transition period so it is only showing up on my OLD blog. The Orples and I are posting on this New Blog ( ) so I can try my hand at affiliate marketing. Anyway, I’m still muddling around on this platform and still chasing broken links. I don’t know if you can tell, or not, but I pinned some of your newer photos on Pinterest yesterday on my animals board. 🙂 Welcome back Sophia. We really did miss you. 🙂

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      • I see you’ve been quite busy as well and this new blog is not on WordPress as well, I see.

        Well, I wish you all of the best with the transition hon and I haven’t been to Pinterest in ages, but I will take a look and thank you very much.

        Thanks for the lovely welcome hon and the same here. 😀 ♥


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