The Orples Go To Lima

Today, Oscar and Olivia are planning their day around Madhu’s schedule, gazing out from one of the salvaged balconies in Lima. Madhu does get the Urge to Wander. If you go to her place, Madhu has taken some beautiful photographs to accompany a wonderful article she has written about Lima’s historical wooden balconies. These beauties have only survived because a hand full of people cared enough to try to save them from demolition.

The Orples are looking out into the street below, taking in the sights.

The Orples are looking out into the street below from inside one of Lima’s enclosed balconies.

While the orples are trying to decide where to start for the day, the rest of us can visit the neighborhood. If you care to join us. Feel free to peruse our previous posts and find out what is going on.  All are welcome to be added to my list of participants in the Orple’s Adventures.