[New Post] Return Address

Yesterday, as an exercise suggested by the Daily Post, I wrote Olivia and Oscar a letter, asking their opinion relative to inviting other bloggers to join our adventures by allowing us to tag along in some of their photographs. Today, Olivia is responding to my idea by writing back. Check it out—. OOProofreading110814 Dear Marcy, Oscar and I have discussed your idea. We would love to meet new people and travel the world with you through cyberspace. Please tell our audience to let us know if they want to allow us to play in their mud puddles. We can pull their photos through screenshots, then we’ll hop into their scenery, giving them the credit for their environment and a link to the original source of the information. I love the idea. I hope they do, too. And of course, Oscar and I love the idea of using ping-backs and re-blogs to blog-hop. How fun would that be? Win-win for everybody. We’re on board with you Marcy. We’ll spread the word. Thanks for asking. See you in Orpleland, Love, Olivia (and Oscar)