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The Orples and I appreciate our dedicated followers but we fear you may be following the wrong blog. Since I re-vamped our site, our audience has dropped, and I’ve noticed a good number of ‘NEW’ fellow bloggers have chosen to follow us, but are linking to this blog instead of our new blog thread …  I seldom post on this site anymore, due to time.

This is a general introduction to the face of our 'New Blog'. Please follow us there, as a rule we post everyday.

This is a general introduction to the face of our ‘New Blog‘. showing what is where, to help familiarize you with our new format. Please join us on that thread.  Olivia, Oscar, and I look forward to seeing you there. 😉

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For those of you who already know all of this, forgive me for being redundant. However, I have run into problems, and have had questions for other people’s blogs unfamiliar to me, thus out of courtesy to those who don’t know, I have taken the time to explain.  I want people to come see us, and be comfortable with our environment when they/you arrive.

While we’re at it, this is a good opportunity to introduce ourselves to other bloggers and redirect them to our UPDATED SITE.  We would love to see you there! 🙂

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Sunday Photo Challenge. Stairway 2

How can anyone deny “The Stairway To Heaven”? I admit that Led Zeppelin is my all time favorite ‘heavy’ rock band. Here’s to the Granddaddy of Heavy Metal….
and a stairway we all hope to climb in one day, one way, or another, I would imagine.

Front Album Cover . Led Zeppelin V . (sorry about the tiny size, I had to download this, since the original album is too big for my scanner).

Scanned lyrics . part 1

Scanned lyrics . part 2

Weekly photo challenge. Sun 2

This is a photo I had to hunt down. Why is it you can never find what you want, when you want it? LOL. This is another oldie, but goodie…I hope you enjoy it.

Jacob (around 3 ?) playing with his toys, as the sun filtered through the blinds.

The Orples Learn To Read … coming soon!

I finally sent book 3 (The Orples Learn To Read) off to Createspace to have a prototype made, which is the last step, prior to publication. If there are no changes to be made once I review the first print copy, by this time next week, I should have my third book available for purchase as a softcover book. In a couple of weeks, I hope it will be offered as an e-book, also. That is the plan.

In my efforts to wrap this, my third book, I’ve fallen behind in my blogging. Too, my grandson has been sick on and off this week and I’ve been keeping him since his normal babysitter won’t due to the fact that he is sick, and she doesn’t want to expose other children. Being Grandma trumps all!  Obviously, it has not been a good week for social activities. 😦 . On the bright side, I do hope to get ‘caught up’  on my blogging soon.  Until then, I hope life is being a peach (or maybe, in this case an orple) to you and yours! 😉  I’ll will be dropping in for visits on your posts, so please don’t think I’ve forgotten anyone, if I’ve not dropped by for a visit to your blog recently.

For the time being, I leave you with an inside view.  The excerpt below is page 20.

More Orples

Well, I was rolling right along and my printer tray broke, so I had to get a new printer, which I’ve not managed to hook up yet. Thank God for grown children with patience.  My son will be by tomorrow to get me rolling again, I hope. In the meantime, after fixing my edited manuscript, redrawing, and setting the images as needed, and pasting the corrected manuscript in the drawings with a larger font,  I did manage to get five pages printed and scanned today, before my printer decided it was time to retire.  The rest of the day has been spent shopping and trying to make a wireless printer get along with my computer.   Something just isn’t right?  But, I have faith that my oldest child will save the day…tomorrow!  He’s my hero when it comes to computers.

The beginning of "The Orples Learn To Read" . Book 3 of the orples series.

For now, I will share one of the final pages printed on my old printer. This is page four (page 1 of the actual story) of “The Orples Learn To Read”.  Amazon will add a border on their end.  Enjoy! 🙂

Whew, busy, busy

I seem to be dropping the ball over the last few days, so I offer apologies to all for not visiting as regularly as usual. Hopefully, I’ll be back on track soon. My edited manuscript came back, so I’m trying to correlate book 3 of my orples series. This is page 30 of the prototype of “The Orples Learn To Read”. Right now, I am redoing the entire book, so the fonts will change and any errors should be corrected, prior to publication.

Jack and the orples studying by the creek.

Weekly Photo Challenge . Through

This used to be the run-in shed that Magi enjoyed on the farm. I liked the fact that it had two openings, to allow the horses to go through, either way.

Looking through the run-in shed.

Sunday Photo Challenge . Design #2 . Kite In A Tree

On March 7th, I gave you a peek at a drawing I’ve been working on for a presentation post to represent the month of March. The final drawing will be posted on Writing and Illustrating‘s website on March 27. When I think of March, I think of windy weather, and therefore, I think of kites. Thus the subject for the theme for this drawing.

Flying a Kite . still tweaking the original idea. (#2)

The orples are helping Jack get his kite out of the tree. Sometimes, it appears, orples are handy to have around.

The colors are a lot brighter in the printed drawing. I need to figure out why I am losing color scanning, then posting. Hmmmm, anyone out there know why this might be?

Weekly Photo Challenge . Regret #2

Okay gang, so it’s not a photograph, but I assure you that Oscar regrets not having listened to Olivia. Now it is too late.  Below is an except from my book, “How Orples Came To Be“.

Oh no! I should have listened to Olivia!

This is from the prototype I’d made when putting my book together.The font has changed in the published version, but otherwise, the book is the same.  In any event, Oscar has been caught and is praying that Olivia will come to his rescue.  If only he’d listened to her and waited for a plan of escape before being caught.  Thus, the excitement begins . . . .