The Orple Update Report

Many of you are aware that I have been trying to work my way through switching my WordPress Account over to be hosted by GoDaddy, complete with a new website address. I am making some changes on my website, including a facelift while I am making my other site adjustments. It is/has been a journey. In addition to the aesthetic changes, you will notice that I have posted some Amazon links on the side of my posts for your shopping convenience. Shopping through these links helps me survive at no cost to you … hint, hint…We all have to make a living, sad, but true.

I'm getting there! If you want to check out my upcoming NEW site please feel free to visit me over there (link given in text below).

I’m getting there! If you want to check out my upcoming NEW site please feel free to visit me over there (link given in text below).

I am still trying to reconnect with my old followers and many of you are already linked to me on my new site as opposed to here. Our ‘Orple Adventures‘ games will continue on my new blog with a page having been added to give our neighbors a direct link to their own web/blog sites—see ‘The Rules of the Game‘ (top right of page under the title block of my new blog). Don’t forget to like, like, like, away as you peruse the content of that site if you will please. Likes are loved (and appreciated) by Olivia, Oscar, and myself, have no doubt.

For now, while I am working out kinks on that site, I am continuing to post on this account (my original WordPress account).  I still need to figure out how to update my posts since December 5th, to show up on that sight. When the dates catch up in both places, you will know I was successful. In the meantime, today  is a good day to officially launch  

Today should prove to be a memorable date to introduce the sister site since it is 12/13/14 … It will be the next century before we see the sequences begin again with 1/2/3 in 2103.

8 responses to “The Orple Update Report

    • I am still not at 100%, Robin, but it is coming together. I need to get my son to land long enough to help me untangle those ‘straying links’. Did you go to my new site? What did you think of the set up?

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          • Ok are you ready?????…… is just fine. The only thing that I recommend you change is when someone clicks on a link they totally leave your site. I think that you should have the links open in a new window that way your page stays open longer which encourages them to browse more. Just my 2 cents.

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          • I might end up doing just that. I am waiting until my little ‘internet guru’ son to have time for ME. There are a few questions I have as far as links and presentation goes, but for now, I have got to get something out there to make this transition. I suspect I’ll be ‘tweaking for awhile’. 🙂 Thank you for helping me troubleshoot/brainstorm. It helps having someone else show me the trees in my forest if know what I mean?

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