The Orples Visit Leed’s Waterfront

Today, the orples find themselves ready to cruise the waterways with RestlessJo.  I do hope she didn’t think she was going to get away with visiting the waterfront with out them.  If you’ve not been there yet, then you really must check out the spectacular group of photographs Jo snapped off.

Olivia and Oscar hanging out with Jo on the waterfront.

Olivia and Oscar hanging out with Jo on the waterfront.

While Jo and the orples are out boating, come take a stroll to visit the neighbors, and if you’d like to share ‘your’ posts, pray tell. I’ll add your name to our list and give you a link back to your blog with  credit for the shot. I also appreciate re-blogs and ping-backs, since Olivia is such a little glutton for attention.  Now that she’s free from her tree, she wants the world to know it. Imagine that! 😉

34 responses to “The Orples Visit Leed’s Waterfront

  1. I am sure they had a lovely time with Jo. It’s so lovely to go on these great adventures with them. 😀

    Great artwork as usual Marcy. They look so adorable. 😀 ♥

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    • Don’t feel lonely, Sylvia. Although, you have some pretty fabulous adventures yourself, so you better keep your eyes opened. No one ever knows when they might be next on the ‘visit’ list. LOL. 🙂

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