The Orples and the Scorpion

In blog cruising, as the orples and I often do, we came across this soon to be ‘new momma’ on Dolly’s blog. If you’ve never seen it happen, here’s your chance to see how scorpions hatch their babies. BOYS not allowed to look.

To see how a scorpion gives birth go see Dolly. (Link above).

To see how a scorpion gives birth go see Dolly. (Link above).

While Olivia and Mrs. Scorpion are hatching babies, the rest of us can stroll on ahead and visit the neighborhood to meet new friends. Come walk with us, and leave me a comment if you, too, would like to become a part of the neighborhood. I’ll add your name to my list.

18 responses to “The Orples and the Scorpion

    • LOL … I thought the original was a cool post. I didn’t know how scorpion’s hatched until I saw it on Dolly’s blog. I guess since I don’t have to deal with up up close, anymore (I lived in Florida at one time, and I’ve run into a few scorpions down there), they’re more of a novelty—like watching Mafia movies. I love ‘um, but wouldn’t want to be there. Know what I mean?


    • Thank you, Maria. Actually, we both need to thank Dolly. I thought hers was a cool post, and figured a lot of other people would, too. Evidently, I was right. LOL. 🙂 Thanks so much for your visit tonight.


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