[New Post] Grateful and Guilty

Leave it to Ruth at Ruth Hentrick’s Photography, to leave the orples confused, feeling both grateful and guilty, rather cannibalistic, if you will.  We will need to write her a ‘thank you note’ for her generosity in sharing her snack with Olivia and Oscar.  They aren’t quite sure whether eating that apple is appropriate, or not. I guess so. When you start out as a fruit, I would say eating other varieties would be debatable.

The orples snacking at Ruth's place. They are debating the idea of eating an apple.

The orples snacking at Ruth’s place. They are debating the idea of eating an apple.

While these two are busy thanking Ruth, we can visit the neighbors and see what they’re up to. Drop me a line if you’d like to join in the fun and participate in our Orple Adventures.

20 responses to “[New Post] Grateful and Guilty

    • Howdy Gilly! I kept thinking about that Lays Potato Chip commercial where Mr. Potato Head is hiding in the closet eating potato chips, and Mrs. Potato Head nails him in the act. Her Reaction?…. “But you’re a potato.” It was classic! Who’d have ever thunk cannibalism would be funny? And thus the concept of the orples eating apples was born when I saw Ruth’s apple. LOL 🙂 There you have it.


  1. The Orples made me hungry now. 😆 Those crackers and apple do look delicious! Great artwork as always Marcy. The Orples do make our photos look better than ever. 😀 ❤

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    • These guys have a ball showing up here and there. People are so hospitable leaving out snacks, and chairs, and such, how can they not love snooping around? Ocasr’s blowing you kisses, and Olivia and I send hugs. 🙂

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      • Oh, I bet they do and it’s wonderful that everyone is so hospitable! They’ve become quite the little travellers indeed! So much fun! 😀

        Awwww, how sweet of them and you. Thanks! Sending you all lots of love, hugs and kisses. ❤ ♥

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  2. I’m totally addicted to a big fat, juicy Honeycrisp apple slathered in almond butter. It’s breakfast nearly every morning–but half of it goes to the hound sitting beside me. Of course, once the season for Honecrisps is over, I have to replace it with something … watch out little Orples. You guys look way too edible to be safe.

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