We missed you, Simba

Ever since Olivia and Oscar saw Sophia’s dog, they haven’t left me alone. So we’ve circled back to Africa just so the orples can visit her cute little companion. It looks like Simba likes to have his ears scratched.

Have you ever seen a spoiled dog? Well now you have, I'm sure.

Have you ever seen a spoiled dog? Well now you have, I’m sure.

It seems the orples always leave us hanging in the end to entertain ourselves. We may as well visit the neighborhood and see who else is up to what, while we wait for these two to play with Simba.

20 responses to “We missed you, Simba

  1. Reblogged this on Sonel's Corner and commented:
    Between the Orples, Simba, the Vervets and my household chores I can’t keep up. I’ll have to clone myself or get a twin somewhere. LOL!
    Simba had so much fun with the Orples. 😀
    Thanks Marcy. You’re awesome and made my day! ♥

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  2. Awwwwwww, now I have tears in my eyes Marcy! The Orples looks so sweet and adorable with my little man!

    hahahaha! Love the chatting that went on between them. Yes, Simba would definitely ask ‘what dog’ and even I get irritated when someone calls him a dog. LOL!

    He does love to be scratched behind the ears and the tummy and loves a good back rub as well. His hair is so soft because I wash him with Lavender baby shampoo. 😀

    Thanks for the lovely visit sweet Marcy and the Orples. It was great fun having all of you here once again. I just don’t know how you do it Marcy and can’t keep up with you. hahahahaha. Stunning job hon! Thanks so much. 😀 ♥

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    • You can look at Simba and tell he’s a well loved critter, Sophia. Right now, my nasty old monster cat is sitting in my lap, purring as I type. Animals make the world go round. I kind of figured Simba doesn’t know he’s supposed to be a dog — no worries, the orples and I won’t tell.

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      • I love him to bits hon and I am glad you and the Orples could see that. I don’t post much about him because it means I have to talk about him and then I get sad because he is getting old. So yeah, let’s not go there. 😀

        Awwwww, now isn’t that adorable! Oh, you are so right hon. They do indeed and that is a fact. 😀

        Oh, he knows he is a ‘children’ Marcy and thanks. I think it would be too much of a shock for him to find that out. 😆

        Thanks again sweetness. I will treasure this forever and always. 😀 ♥

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        • I’m thrilled you liked this one. I was hesitant to crop out the background, but thought for a change of pace, it would be fun to leave it to the actual characters to make the scene. Thank you, Sophia, for all of you encouragement. Monsters an old cat, too. He’s about 14 now, so I try to love him while I can. He’s been with me since my son’s Navy ship sailed in 2001. When Brice returned to the States, he wanted his cat back with the intentions of making him a city cat, which would have meant declawing him. You see how that mop flopped. 🙂

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          • I am absolutely thrilled as well Marcy and you didn’t even have to leave my watermark on it. You are more than welcome to just add a small watermark next to the edited version next time.

            You created something so beautiful here hon and I absolutely love it! Simba says he loves it too and had lots of fun with the Orples. He keeps asking me when Olivia is coming back. He loves being spoiled like that. 😆

            Awwwww! How sweet! Give Monster a big hug and kiss from me. Simba is 2 years old than him and yes, we must just love them while we can. 😀

            I am so glad he stayed with you hon. I don’t think Monster would have loved being a city cat. That mop flopped for sure and I am glad. hahahahah!

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