[New post] Ready, Set, Done

Come join us as the Orples take the stage. and meet the challenge for Ready, Set, Done … ha,ha, This little ditty had been set up ahead of time, so it is perfect for today’s entry.  Plus, maybe Ralph will make new friends, too. We can never have too many friends. Like the orples, Ralph has a sense of humor, so come out and play with us. We will have fun. 🙂 Today, Olivia is visiting Ralph again over on Bluefish Way. This time, she was snooping around, and saw those bright red curtains. She just had to take center stage. So all I can say is, “Watch our Ralph, here comes Olivia.” It’s a good thing she didn’t read the accompanying blog post first.

Olivia takes center stage.

Olivia takes center stage.

I don’t think she’d be too happy if she knew about Mrs. Nosegay’s murder, or that the killer would simply walk away while the party resumed. She believes in justice, you know. If you’re not sure what’ I’m talking about, go see Ralph. Maybe he’ll re-blog this silly post to enlighten Olivia before she gets too carried away, and if anyone else would like to re-blog, please do, “The more the merrier”, as the orples and I always say. 🙂 The orples have been getting around lately. You can check them out while Visiting the Neighbors, if you’d like to take a stroll with these two clowns through other people’s blogs. If you would like to be included here, and possibly in a coffee-table book later, prey tell. In the meantime, please enjoy your travels, no matter where they lead you.


2 responses to “[New post] Ready, Set, Done

    • Well, Ralph, you never know where these two might turn up next. They do love to play, and we especially like to make other people smile. So if we’ve made you happy, we’re happy. Here’s your chance to bring your theatrical work to the forefront with a ping-back. LOL. Oh, the fun we have in Orpleland. 🙂 Stay posted, the fat lady ain’t sung yet!


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