Blogging 101: Be Inspired By the Community

First off let us say this, I already feel blessed to be a part of a spectacular community that is quickly growing, as the orples and I keep stumbling on new blogs, and wonderful people. As we travel through cyberspace, we find ourselves exploring the world, tromping through the wilderness, visiting our neighbor’s domains.  Sometimes, I find it hard to squeeze in my own adventures. Believe me, Inspiration is not a problem for us—by any means. The world is at our ‘twigtips’.

One of Sonel's lovely friends meets the orples.

One of Sonel’s lovely friends meets the orples.

The above conversation came about as the result of a delightfully surprising ping-back my friend, Sophia (in Africa), created on a thread I began, involving a fly. Mr. Fly looked so cool sitting on that beautiful flower in ‘Sonel’s blog‘.

Meet Mr. Fly. This is where this story started.

Meet Mr. Fly. This is where this story started.

and then, this happened ….. After Sophia invited us to come and stroll through her blog, the orples met Mr. Fly (above), only to be told to go away.  Sophia stepped right up to the plate in the orple’s defense. She and her friends told Mr. Fly a thing or two, as you can tell by the conversation in the first picture with Ms. Barbet. I’m suspect this story isn’t over yet. No matter, while we waiting for that tale to unfold, if you would like to visit the neighbors, to see what our friends are up to, you’ll find the orples have been globe trotting, enjoying a variety of adventures, worldwide.

Someone please tell Mr. Fly that he might actually have fun, if he'd relax long enough to stop and play. He seems to be so serious.

Someone please tell Mr. Fly that he might actually have fun, if he’d relax long enough to stop and play. He seems to be so serious.

Anyway, back to our original story; Sophia told the story of Mr. Fly and his bad manners to the fine folks at Michelle’s Pet Challenge, and wha-lah! Sophia not only honored me with mega-links—I might add—she fulfilled her weekly critter challenge—two birds, one stone. Sophia really outdid herself, too.  I am still awestruck, and grateful for the effort she put into her beautiful post. I suspect she had fun doing it on her end. I know I’ve enjoyed the conversations on our end. If you would like to join the orples as they explore our world, prey tell through a comment on my of my blog posts. Leave me a link to your blog. Introduce yourselves. Check out what we’re doing, already. Read my other posts to follow the conversations, through post content, and comments to find out what we’re up to. Be nosy. All are welcome. Grab a badge and be an orple-keeper, too. As Olivia and Oscar always say, “The more, the merrier.”

[New Post] Photography 101: The Natural World

Walking along in the natural world, Olivia and Oscar scampered ahead of Robin, whose blog is Breezes at Dawn, and me, while walking in the woods not long ago. Wouldn’t you know, they weren’t gone five minutes when they got into trouble. This time it was Oscar rescuing Olivia. Usually it is the other way around. While we’re waiting for the orples to get UN-wedged, let’s continue to walk around through Robin’s blog. This is a different Robin than the Robin we surprised last week, when we played hide and seek. In case you don’t remember, click here, to see what I’m talking about.

The orples always seem to find trouble. I think Olivia has managed to get stuck.  Poor Olivia.

The orples always seem to find trouble. I think Olivia has managed to get stuck. Poor Olivia.

We will catch up with the orples when we get back. Maybe by then Olivia will have squirmed out from under that log. I sure do hope Oscar won’t be in too much trouble for laughing at her. If you care to stroll through some of our other adventures, please come with us to Visit the neighbors. And finally, if you’d like to be an orple-keeper and pickup your badge to proudly display your love of orples, please do. Oliva and Oscar would be almost as thrilled as me, if you do. And as always, the orples love ping-backs. Anyone familiar with the orples knows they love to make new friends.  Sonel went overboard with her ping-back, but we love her for it. 🙂 Check this out. She includes her own little story as she displays some awesome photos of her backyard friends along the way.

The Orples Go to Madrid

Today our travels take us to Spain with Meg. We will be in Madrid, admiring the many beautiful sights their ancient city has to behold. Not again! There go those silly orples. It appears Oscar has fallen. Thank God Olivia is there to save the day. What would he do without her? While Olivia and I rescue Oscar, you can check out more cool arches on Meg’s blog.


It looks like the orples are in trouble in Madrid. I hope Meg hasn’t wandered off too far. Olivia might need some help pulling Oscar up from the ledge below. These two! What’s an orple-keeper to do?

Come, join our adventure as the orples and I tour other people’s blogs. Please feel free to stroll through my blog category, ‘Visiting the Neighbors‘. The selection varies—and grows–with each new orple adventure. If you would like to be an orple-keeper, too,  grab your badge here.  If you’d like to play along, allowing the orples to play on your blog, with due credit given, of course, please let me know. I’ll add your name to my list. You can see what we’re up to by scanning my other posts. And of course, ping-backs are welcomed.