[New Post] Blogging 101. Start Personalizing

Whoever came up with this topic must have been reading our minds. Our, being Olivia, Oscar, and me. I guess I owe a big thanks to two blogs, one is Michelle at The Daily Post for posting this topic. I also owe Michelle much gratitude in guiding me along, showing me the avenues in which to follow, to make my widget happen.  If you would like to be an orple-keeper, please click the drawing to copy and create your own widget on your blog. The more the merrier, Olivia, Oscar, and I always say.  I am leaving it up to you guys to let me know if my widget works. If it doesn’t please tell me, so I can try to fix my problem. LOL. Links and I don’t always link up, if you know what I mean. 🙂 OrpleKeepersBadge111014     The second person I’d like to thank is Dolly at allaboutlemon, an old acquaintance who I have re-linked with. My links are messed up, from having changed my e-mail way back when, so if we used to be linked and we aren’t now, that is probably why. I’m working on fixing that situation. In the meantime, Dolly blessed me with a ‘You Are Loved’ badge, and if you knew Dolly, I’m sure you would love her, and her blog. You should check her out and if you’re browsing my blog, take note of the  lovely badge she presented to me, in my margin. Come join the fun and claim your badge. We do love an audience.