[New Post] Daily Post. No Time to Waste

Life’s too short to …. take it away orples …

These two appear to be eager orples. They are ready to see the world.

These two appear to be eager orples. They are ready to see the world.

Silly Orples. I think they are right. Follow along. Join the fun. If you want to be added to our adventures, please leave a comment, and verbally invite us along. I may gather these blog entries and combine them for a book, down the road. Keyword—might.  If I do, you may include whatever credit info you like, linked to your contribution(s). For now, I link back to the source of my material, and would appreciate a ping-back. What a way to make new friends! So come join the orples and I, as we travel the world in Orpleland. 🙂 To follow our adventures so far, click here, and see where we’ve been already.

7 responses to “[New Post] Daily Post. No Time to Waste

    • Consider yourself added. Olivia and Oscar have just arrived in France, if you want to check them out, and if you stop into see Ren, another great blog site, please tell her we send our love. 😉 Welcome aboard, Robin.


    • If it weren’t for Olivia, Oscar would have never survived to become an orple. Mr. Zimp (in my first book) had plans for him. But Olivia is brave, and she’s loyal, so of course, she rescued her friend. It’s a good thing, too. Now she has a sidekick. 🙂 Not to mention, had Olivia not saved Oscar, he’d have never had the pleasure of meeting you. They/we send our love.

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      • Now that is so nice to hear. Mr Zimp doesn’t sound like a pleasant fellow but I am glad Oscar had Olivia rescue him. They make a great team for sure.

        Tell them thanks for all the love and sending lots right back as you all. 😀 ♥ ❤


        • Poor Mr. Zimp had lost his wife. He was distraught and withdrawn and sad. People sometimes get ill-tempered when they hurt. But all is well in Orpleland now. Olivia always manages to save the day, even if by mistake. 🙂

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