[New Post] Photography 101 . Landmarks

Okay, so the orples and I cheated to fulfill today’s post. But really, this is Orpleville, and not all landmarks are captured by photography. Take the Treasure Tree, a place sometimes referred into in our blog posts. Then, I thought, hmm, maybe my followers aren’t familiar with ‘our’ landmarks. So to keep you people in the loop, here is what we’re talking about.  Before the orples were orples, they were oranges, then through miraculous transformations, and big dreams coming true, the orples were freed from their tree. My book, “How Orples Came To Be” tells their story, while including the story of Jack, and how they accidentally helped their human friend rekindle his relationship with his father, after his mother died. If you want to know more, I’ve included links on my home page leading to various areas of my blog.

The Treasure Tree in Orpleville

The Treasure Tree in Orpleville

Once the orples were no longer oranges, their needs changed, so they transformed their orange tree into the Treasure Tree, shown above. And then, in book 3 of their trilogy, Olivia learned to read. She has so many books, Jack had to bring her a cooler to serve as a  library so her books won’t get wet when it rains. Olivia loves to learn. And she loves to travel. If you would like for us to travel through YOUR blog, let us know. If you’d like to stroll down memory lane with us and some of our friends before you decide to join us, please feel free to check us out by ‘Visiting the Neighbors‘.

The Orples Go to The Museum

Don’t be jealous because you didn’t get to go to France with us, Olivia and I brought you a link to Ren’s blog. It seems Ren got to go to France and visit the Museum last Spring. Lucky her, Huh? Poor little Olivia was shocked at all of the naked men gallivanting about, letting it swing in the wind. Oscar had to cover her eyes a couple of times, as she blushed so hard, she looked like an apple. Well, except for her shape, that is. She’s just as round as she ever was. Well enough chit-chat.  Come on, let’s follow the Orples to France to see the sight’s from Ren’s point of view. 🙂

Olivia and the Statue discussing how confining life can sometimes be ---- until your dreams come true.

Olivia and the Statue discussing how confining life can sometimes be —- until your dreams come true.

Hang on, Olivia and her new statue friend are discussing what it’s like to be mobile. No doubt, they’ll be with us in a minute when they’re done complaining about being stuck in one place. That poor statue should have stiff arms after all of this time.  If you would like to know how Olivia and Oscar were set from from the orange tree, Check out ‘How Orples Came To Be‘, available on Amazon.  Or if you prefer more adult material, just click on my little side tab for all of my book titles, including my first two ‘adult’ books, in the Brides Series.   And if you go see Ren, please tell her we said hello. 😉

[New Post] Daily Post. No Time to Waste

Life’s too short to …. take it away orples …

These two appear to be eager orples. They are ready to see the world.

These two appear to be eager orples. They are ready to see the world.

Silly Orples. I think they are right. Follow along. Join the fun. If you want to be added to our adventures, please leave a comment, and verbally invite us along. I may gather these blog entries and combine them for a book, down the road. Keyword—might.  If I do, you may include whatever credit info you like, linked to your contribution(s). For now, I link back to the source of my material, and would appreciate a ping-back. What a way to make new friends! So come join the orples and I, as we travel the world in Orpleland. 🙂 To follow our adventures so far, click here, and see where we’ve been already.