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In keeping with today’s Daily Post Assignment, I couldn’t think of a better way to connect with others than to borrow a photo from across the pond, and connect with a friend in England. Here, for example, the orples, Olivia and Oscar, are reaching out to Gerry. He has given us permission to play in his blog and travel with him, from time to time. Come join us, and if you’d like to connect with the orples, prey tell. They love to play with both old and new friends as we surf through blogland, meeting new people along the way. In the meantime, I told you we were headed your way, Gerry. You didn’t believe us did you? No telling where we might end up next. For now, remember that photo that you took going into The New Forest? Here it is again.

Sharing adventures with Gerry in Great Brittan.

Sharing adventures with Gerry in Great Brittan.

When they saw your sign, the orples were reminded of their trip to the James river, overlooking the rocks from the tower, a couple of years back. I think you accompanied us on that trip? If not, just click here, and We’ll take you down memory lane since you were so kind as to have allowed us to visit on your blog. And if anyone wants to see what my other friends are up to click here, for a walk into the world of orples. This post was a Daily Post challenge—the subject matter was signs.  That’s kind of cool, huh?

4 responses to “[New Post] The Daily Post . Photography 101 . Connect

  1. Nice one Marcy, I was smiling all the way back to Richmond as well…. it is nice to have Olivia and Oscar visiting my world.. hope they enjoyed what they found. 🙂 I could show them the tall trees trail,, these tree were imported from your world..

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