The Orples and The Model Bridge

As the Orples and I have been traveling around, with one eye on other people’s blogs, Colline has given us permission to play on her turf. She told me to come check out what she’s up to, and we did. You should come see the model bridge she built for her class.

Oscar waits for the glue to dry, while Olive rushes him along.  She appears to be in a hurry.

Oscar waits for the glue to dry, while Olivia rushes him along. She appears to be in a hurry.

Olivia is hoping you guys will enjoy Colline’s hard work as much as I did. Plus, Oscar is finally getting to do something useful. If you want to see what else the orples are up to, check out their Category, Visiting the Neighbors, on my blog page. And please, feel free to re-blog. Also, if you’d like to participate, just speak up. I’m sure the orples will find plenty of places to play on everyone’s blogs. Actually, when I read the article that went with this, Colline was admiring this bridge, not building it,Β  but don’t tell Olivia. Sometimes she gets so excited, she gets her stories mixed up. Please forgive her for her hastiness.

8 responses to “The Orples and The Model Bridge

  1. It sure looks like Olivia and Oscar had lots of fun with Colline at the exhibition Marcy. The two of them look great against the beautiful black and white shot Colline took of the structure. They are so adorable! πŸ˜€

    Tell Olivia it’s fine and that everyone makes mistakes. When I’m excited about something, I do the same. πŸ˜€

    β™₯ Lots of Hugs and Love β™₯


    • Greetings Sonel, O & O do get around. They love to travel and snoop. I guess if you hang on an orange tree long enough, anything is exciting. Take note, even lazy little Oscar took part in this endeavor. I think he has a crush on Colline—our secret, which is why he’s being so helpful. πŸ˜‰ See you soon. Thanks for dropping by.

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    • I’m telling you Colline, keeping up with the Orples is a full time job. Don’t tell Oscar, I told you, but I think he has a little crush on you. He’s very impressed with your class projects, even if they aren’t ‘your’ class projects, per sey. LOL. They’ll get it together. Thanks for dropping in. πŸ˜‰

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  2. So many wonderful visits to blogs I know and some are new to me. What fun.
    I hope the Orples will visit Pittsburgh sometime. I’d better get to sleep now thought as school starts so early in the morning.


    • This is a fun way to acknowledge friends, and introduce myself through other people’s blogs via re-blogs and ping-backs. Everybody gets exposure at the same time. So far, the orples seem to be gaining popularity. Works for us. LOL. I’m glad you want to jump on board. I’ll add you name to my list and of course link back to you when I use your stuff.


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