[New Post] The Orple’s New Friend

Today, Olivia and Oscar found out about Sonel’s monkeys. They were a bit tiffed with me for not having introduced them to Mr. Monkey earlier, but they do realize that all things come with good time.  I need to ask Sonel if this little Monkey has a name so I can extend formal introductions. But for now, it’s Mr. Monkey and the orples, playing together, in Africa on Sonel’s blog (link below). She has some fun little critter’s to play with, So I’m sure we will be visiting her often. In the meantime, tick, tock. Gotta Run. It ain’t easy being an orple-keeper, you know. 🙂

Hanging around at Sonel's place, playing with her monkeys.

Hanging around at Sonel’s place, playing with her monkeys.

Okay,  Sonel,  I neglected to copy the link from which I pulled this particular photo on your blog. If you would like to direct me back to the source, I’ll share THAT link. For now, THIS link is directing others to enjoy your monkeys via another post from your blog. I get side-tracked trying to keep up with Olivia and Oscar. You would have to be an orple-keeper to understand the frustrations, I imagine.  But we try.:)

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    • Come play with us Cindy. If you’ll give me permission to screen-print some of your stuff, I’ll link back to the original source, and you can re-blog the post so we are both making new friends. Let me know if you’d like to play.


  1. hahahahahah! This was just the cutest ever Marcy! I love how the Orples ‘hung’ out with Mama. She is one of the mothers of the Wild troop that visit us so regularly and here she was still pregnant, hot and very tired and resting in the shade, enjoying the peanuts and fruits that we give to them. 😀

    The correct link will be : http://sonelcorner.wordpress.com/2014/09/20/endurance/, but it’s no problem at all hon, so don’t worry about it. I know how much work that must be for sure. I am sometimes just as busy. 😀

    I am just glad you and the Orples had so much fun visiting. You are so creative and thoughtful. Thanks again for including us in your beautiful and fun stories. We feel honoured. 😀

    ♥ ❤

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    • Oops …. apologies to ‘Mr’ Monkey. I guess that should have been “Mrs’ Monkey? No matter, gender means nothing to the orples, they’re beyond caring about gender, race, or the other factors that inhibit humans. They’re just loving life and all of the creatures that cross their paths. They’ll learn whose who as they make new friends, I’m have no doubt. Olivia said to tell you ‘Hello’, and Oscar said to ‘Come back soon’, We all three send our love. 🙂

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      • No problem at all and it’s the same with the monkeys. They also don’t care about those things. Sometimes I wish us humans can be like that as well. Loving life and all the creatures and mother nature is the best way to go for sure. I am sure they will but as you see, I do have lots of little friends around here, so that might take quite a while. LOL!

        Please say “Hello’ to Olivia for me as well and tell Oscar I won’t miss out on any of their adventures for sure. 😀

        Thanks for the love. All of you are such sweet darlings. 😀

        ♥ Hugs and Love ♥

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