[New Post] Blogging 101 . Your Dream Reader . Part 1… Brides

As an author, I have penned two categories of books to date. Both genres are introduced, sometimes, together, on this blog as my regular followers already know. My point being; two genres, two audiences, two parts to satisfy for yesterday’s blogging assignment. Keep in mind, I am a day behind. Part 1 : My Dream Audience for Brides. The audience I envisioned when writing this series loves horses, mountains, family commune living, the country lifestyle. My audience would not be shocked by harsh words, such as those used so often in adult conversations, especially during those ‘heated’ moments. My readers would not be shocked by one or two explicit sex scenes, appropriately describing the character’s in action, creating  the necessary impact to drive my story forward—Nor would they be disappointed that these scenes only appear in book 1. Sarah & Yvonne (*) . My dream audience would be forgiving of punctual errors, they find along the way. Believe me, I know my books are not perfect, but I do think the story is worth selling, and am hoping that my audience thinks so, too. I dream of the ‘right eyes’ seeing my work, and saying “Hey we need to polish, and edit this, and take it to new heights. Combined, these books would make a terrific movie. Actually each book can stand alone, so ideally maybe I should be wishing for three movie deals?  I don’t ask for much, do I? 😉 Finally, once my dream audience, who sends me fan mail, begging for more, also buys, reads, and comments through the blogs, Amazon, Good-reads, etc. about how much they enjoyed the content, and about how they highly recommend reading Brides, and… boy, I think I’m getting carried away here.Evidently, Olivia is rubbing off on me. (*) I debated putting any graphic sexual scenes in the Brides series, at all, but with the colorful language invoked by my characters, and with all of the other exposure the public has to sex, I suspect my scenes will be rather tame anyway.

Front Covers of Brides . Books 1 & 2

Front Covers of Brides . Books 1 & 2


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