[New Post} Photography 101 . Water

The Daily post is moving faster than I am, obviously. I am trying to keep up. Oh well, Olivia and Oscar love this adventure, so everything is peachy keen! 🙂 Come on and go swimming with us.

Olivia & Water swimming in the Dan River in Danville, Virginia

Olivia & Oscar  swimming in the Dan river in Danville, Virginia

2 responses to “[New Post} Photography 101 . Water

  1. Thank you, Colline. I am using the orples as props to try to give them character and to spark interest in my books—all of them. In the meantime, the orples are fun to work with, and I am seriously thinking of teaming up with other bloggers with some of their photos to create an “Orples in Photos” coffee table type book once I’ve worked up enough shots. Sonel said I could pull some of her stuff, although I’d not thought of a book until after I’d contacted her. Either way, I will, and I will also credit all work back to it’s source if my fantasies ever turn to reality. If you, or anyone who reads this comment wants to chime in, prey tell. We can do ping-backs, too, here on WordPress.

    If my dreams ever come true, I think I will have Olivia and Oscar to thank. Olivia said to tell you, “Thanks for visiting, we love company!”— Ditto, from me. Marcy


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