Lava Spill in Hawaii

This is such a cool video. If I’m breaking copyright infringements,someone please tell me since this is a Flicker share.  Watch it full screen, in motion.  Enjoy!

Oliva and Oscar discussing the cool 'Lava Flow' screen show they just watched.

Olivia and Oscar discussing the cool ‘Lava Flow’ slide show they just watched via Flicker.


7 responses to “Lava Spill in Hawaii

  1. It’s so wonderful to see you and the Orples again. I missed you guys! 😀 Loved the Lava photo’s. Just amazing! Wish I could have been there. 😀


    • Hi Sonel. Yeah, I went into overload for awhile, then ended up writing another book series (I’m still working on Book 3) and I have admittedly found errors in Books 1 & 2, but have marked them as ‘first printings, warts and all’. If the series ever takes off, the ‘early copies’ will be valuable (I hope) because I have every intention of circling back, once I can afford a ‘real’ editor, which ain’t right now. LOL. I’m trying to pick up where I left off, and relink to my ‘original friends’, while I make new ones along the way. I changed my e-mail, which sort of threw a monkey wrench into things. Too, I’ve moved, and beat Lymphoma. So all’s good in the neighborhood.

      I have enjoyed checking out your wildlife shots, and hope to circle back on everyone and sort of park on the various blogs and search the archives. If you don’t mind I might take a screen shot of one or two of your cool shots, and insert an orple, then link back to your blog, to credit my source. If that’s not cool, just say so. I was picking on Ralph in one clip, (Olivia wants to get married) so you can sort of see what I’m doing. It is all in fun while I try to introduce these little fellows and of course the Brides series, too.

      I’m so happy to have the chance to converse with you again. Take care, and thanks for stopping in to visit us.

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      • Wow! Sounds like you were really busy but being busy is good. Ask me. 😀

        So glad to hear that you are doing better hon and that all is good. 😀

        You are more than welcome to download any of the photo’s and you have my permission to insert your cute Orples in them and tell your story. My photo’s are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License, but for you I will make an exception any time. Let me know if you need larger sizes then I can email it to you as well. I feel honored that you want to use my simple images. 😀

        I will go and check it out for sure. Sounds like such a fun series. I know I will love it. 😀

        The same here hon and you take care as well. Some days I am quite busy on the blogs and other days I am scarce, especially when the depression and fibro strikes. 😀


        • Good Morning (from here, in Virginia) Sonel,

          You are such a sweetie. I can do a screen shots, and If Olivia and/or Oscar come play in one of your scenes, I’ll let my audience know ‘whose mud puddle she is splashing in. You ALWAYS take such wonderful shots of creatures not native to America, and you how Olivia is—she loves to dabble in new things.

          I’m so happy we’ve reconnected. I look forward to visiting you soon. I’m still playing catchup, and today is election day, so I’ll need to slip out at some point, and vote—for what it is worth. I do have to admit, our district has one of the better Congressmen in the whole of Congress, so I’ll to go show him my support, while trying to oust our current ‘traitor’ Senator, who is also up for re-election. Maybe Olivia will go with me to vote. We’ll see. In the meantime, I hope you and your little spiders are having a lovely day, or will when the day arrives for you. 🙂

          Blessings and hugs to your and yours! Marcy

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          • Good Morning hon and thanks hon. You’re so sweet to say that. 😀

            It sounds like lots of fun and I am glad you think so. I love how enquisitive Olivia is and what’s cooler than to dabble in new things? It’s exciting! 😀

            I am so happy as well and you must enjoy your day too. I am glad to hear that. When you find the good ones, it’s good to give them the support they need.

            Thanks for the lovely chat and I will give the spiders your wishes as well. I am sure they will enjoy that. 😀

            ♥ Big Hugs ♥ to you and yours as well. My little Monkey friends are here, so time to give them their treats. 😀


    • You are so welcome. Thank you for stopping by—as always! I ran across this accidentally, and usually don’t post a lot of re-blogs and/or other people’s entire works, such as this slide show, but it is such a wondrous thing to see, I couldn’t resist. I’m glad you enjoyed it.


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