Olivia Wants To Get Married

I think I’ve lost Olivia to love, or maybe she’s just infatuated with the idea of marital bliss? Either way, we can all thank Ralph over a post he made back in July. Evidently he is a thoughtful person, and was thanking his followers for his 1,000th sign up. “Well, goodie two shoes for him,” is what Olivia told me, kind of huffy like. Personally, I think Olivia is jealous over Ralph’s popularity.  She changed her tune as she continued to read and came across a list Ralph had made. She got to option #4 on Ralph’s list and is convinced he was asking her to marry him.  I keep telling her, he was being playful. She says that ‘I’m the one’ who is jealous. I don’t even know Ralph, although he does have a cool blog. Anyway, I hope Ralph doesn’t get mad when he sees what this silly little orple is up to now. You know, though, it could be since my book series, Brides just came out, Olivia is contemplating tying the knot herself. There are two main characters named Ralph in this trilogy, so maybe she’s got  a crush on one of them? — and now here comes this guy named Ralph, and Olivia is confused. Then again, Olivia is usually pretty smart, but then again, love does make people do stupid things — like marry a complete stranger — sometimes.  I hope Ralph steps forward and tells her, he was just joking. I think Olivia mistook the question anyway, to be honest. if you ask me, I think Ralph was asking her/you/me what ‘she/we’ thought, not what ‘he’ thought. But I couldn’t convince her of that concept. It is not easy being an orple-keeper, you know. You have to stay on top of these two little characters constantly to keep them in check. Olivia_Bride_Oscar was so upset when he found out about Olivia’s plans, he went fishing all by himself. He’s pouting right now, if you’re wondering why Olivia showed up alone. I keep telling Olivia that Oscar and I need her, here, with us. Why, just yesterday they were playing together at Swannanoah. Those two are the best of friends, or so I thought. You should check out some of their adventures in photos. They have a whole section of action shots, just click on the title of whatever post you might care to comment on.  The  Orples Overview category  gives you a better feel in the world of orples, too, for anyone interested.  As you’ll see, we were getting along just fine, then here comes Ralph, and his stupid list. I sure do hope Olivia changes her mind. You’d think she would at least want to meet Ralph before she just trots down the Isle with him. Ralph, if you stop by to visit, let me know if you want me to delete Olivia’s marriage announcement, or maybe your could even talk some sense into her for me. Sometimes she just sort of takes liberties, but always according to the Golden Rule. After all, she is a good little orple, and good little orples, as playful as they are, do respect other people’s wishes.

18 responses to “Olivia Wants To Get Married

  1. Olivia does dream of fame, Gerry. Maybe one day her dreams will come true. I’m sure rooting for her. LOL. She said to tell you “Thanks for dropping in”. That goes for me, too. 🙂


    • Just click the ‘Ralph’ link (in the blog text) and check him out. LOL. Thank you for all of the compliments, I’m sure Olivia will be thrilled, when I tell her what your said. LOL.


    • # Shelley
      Thank you for your visit. Fetching is the right word …… I can bring back a thrown ball ! 😉

      # Marcy
      Thank you for sending Shelley my way. Single ladies in future please, but not an Orple as I have just been down that route. 😉

      Happy Sunday to you both. ❤ ❤

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  2. Hello Olivia 😀 I really do think that you need to sit down or slide down the bannisters. There is only one true love and you know in your heart who that is. I’ll give you a clue. He’s an Orple ! I cannot stand in his way, so I must step back and let you two find true love. It makes me sad, but if you love someone very much sometimes you must let them free, which I am doing to you. Go free Olivia and find your true love. With a sad heart. Ralph ❤


    • Thank you, Ralph, for setting Olivia straight. She couldn’t tell you herself because she’s devastated, but I’ll talk to her. I agree, Oscar was made for her. I’m sure she’ll be out and about, goofing off soon, probably with Oscar. 😉

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    • I know. That’s what I’ve been trying to tell Olivia. I think she needs to quit reading ‘Brides’. She’s gotten ahead of herself. LOL. Thanks for stopping by for a visit. 😉


  3. Sounds like you had your hands full with Olivia and her plans. 😆 I think Olivia must come for a visit. The new Vervet babies will keep her quite busy and will make her think twice about marriage and having babies. hahahaha! Or she can come and play with the spiders. They are cute and harmless. 😀 ♥


      • hahahaha! I think Ralph actually enjoyed it and it’s very flattering that a beauty like Olivia chose him. 😆 I am sure she won’t. She is such a lady. 😀

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        • You mean troublemaker, don’t you? LOL Nah, seriously, Olivia is a good girl. But she can be bossy, pushy, and sometimes, aggressive. She’s still sulking over Ralph, but he’s a cool dude, and if Olivia straightens out, I think they could be friends. 🙂 I’m still talking to Olivia, but she was on the river patching things up with Oscar, so that’s a start. LOL. Stay posted, Sonel. God only knows what she might do next. 😉

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          • heheheh! I wouldn’t go that far but a little trouble now and then is good. 😆 She sounds like my kind of gal for sure and it sounds like she is keeping you on your toes. hahahah!

            She’ll get over it but I am glad to hear she patched things up with Oscar. He is such a sweetheart. 😀 ♥

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    • Hello Marilyn. I suspect you are going to love Orpleland. Here, our purpose is to make you smile, and hopefully sell some books. Either way, we’re having fun, so don’t be a stranger. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by to check out the neighborhood.


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